Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Xbox 360 Minecraft Fantasy Texture Pack, A Geek Feature

It was the wee hours of the morning and I could not find rest when the announcement came. "The Fantasy Texture Pack should start rolling out in about an hour. May take some time to be available everywhere." Thank you so much 4JStudios, I was just about to go to bed. Well at that point I knew what I would be doing as soon as I woke up...really, I have not even had tea or food yet. Time to present the new Texture Pack!!!

First off we have some scenery, ores, and artsy things:
A nice overall view, I am a huge fan of the water's design

The diamond armor looks fit for royalty 

This...I need to perlerize this painting

speaking of amazing paintings, this is a favorite

The flowers look lovely

because medieval fantasy makes me think jungles

some more of the paintings, I know I am missing some, there are a ton!

Ore blocks and their respected condensed blocks. They will be great for decorating.

The Stronghold looks even more awesome and foreboding now.
Next up we have the beloved mobs, or at least some of the ones that looked really different or just awesome:
I am noticing a really blue theme with this texture pack, I approve!

The armor is a good look for you Mr Skeleton

I made loud squeaking noises when I spawned an Ender in, he is beautiful!! Another perler project :P


I giggled at the scarf wearing snow golems, though the smiling pumpkins are kinds weird

Just a zambie doing zambie things

This cat's eyebrows make everything better, scowl harder kitty!

the blue. Happiness achieved

The villagers look EVIL!!

I like the squid's beak

"insert Iron Man reference here"

Oh, she is just beautiful!!!
And lastly, we go to Hell:
A blue portal, well that is awesome!

I think the Nether actually looks better

This Ghast just realized it is almost Christmas and it has no friends

What the actual Blue Blazes? Also are those daggers?!?! maille bikinis and blindfolds. I feel dirty.

He looks like molten metal, love!

So I am a huge fan of this texture pack (or I would not be featuring it, obviously) and I think it will spawn some amazing builds and adventure maps. I especially like it because it plays into my personal RPG head-cannon because it seems that there is an overarching theme that connects the mobs together and gives me a visual to my story. My story, you ask? Well the Endermen are not really bad, they are mind controlled and you have to kill the Enderdragon to free them. Yes, I made this up because I feel bad for killing them.


  1. Love this texture pack also. I really hope I get to play with you soon!

  2. great,
    Minecraft Fantasy Texture Pack on xbox still good, maybe will better in the next update