Monday, January 13, 2014

Della Terra: Fireside Spice, A Tea Review

The weather of the Midwest never ceases to amaze me, yesterday and today has been unseasonably warm with a high in the 60s. Even though I am stuck in bed I can have the windows open and enjoy the fresh air. Tomorrow however, it is supposed to drop down into the colds again, when I checked yesterday they were predicting snow but now the weather reports sun. I miss the reliability of East Coast weather.

Today's tea is Fireside Spice by Della Terra Teas is a wonderfully spiced seasonal tea, that I am reviewing past its season again. I seem to be notorious for logging the tasting notes in my journal and by the time I get around to reviewing it on my blog, the season has passed. This tea is a blend of Chinese Black Tea, Vanilla flavor and Vanilla bits, Ginger bits, Chai Spices, and White Cornflowers. The aroma is powerful, a real kick of spices and sweetness. It reminds me of a heavily spiced snickerdoodle cookie with citrus pomander undertones. The aroma is deliciously sweet and tantalizing.

Once brewed the leaves take on a malty tone, it is still cookie sweet with notes of vanilla, spices, and caramelized sugar. There is still a very faint aroma of oranges as an afterthought. The liquid has such a sweet aroma, the vanilla and spice notes really make it feel like I am sniffing a freshly baked cookie.

The taste is spicy and rich, the notes of vanilla blend with the spices for a sugary sweet treat. I know I keep going on about cookies, but I really feel it is the best description. The tea tastes like warm, freshly baked, snickerdoodles but with extra spice. The cloves and cinnamon give a tingly mouthfeel that fades to a smooth mouthfeel. I prefer this tea with cream and sugar, the additives really cause the vanilla to take center stage and mellows out the spices just a bit. It is a perfect tea for a cold or dreary day, when you need a warm and sweet pick-me-up.


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