Friday, January 31, 2014

Design a Tea: Chocolate Mint Black, A Tea Review

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone! The Year of the Wood Horse has started and there is a nice dusting of snow on the ground with the weather predicting more. I have been jealous all winter of my mother on the East Coast getting lots of snow while we have only received a small amount. Snow really is the only redeeming quality of winter!

Today's tea on this final day of Design a Tea week has nothing to do with New Years, but it does evoke winter. When I was but a wee thing my favorite ice cream and candy treat was Chocolate Mint, the cooling quality always reminds me of winter time, so it was my Southern way of simulating snow in my mouth. Chocolate Mint with a base of Black Tea has a rich aroma, quite a lot of chocolate and a hint of mint. The aroma is very evocative of candy! Luckily the mint is balanced, a frequent problem with minty things is being overpowered by the mint, so kudos to this blend for taming its mint.

Once the leaves take a dip in their sauna you can start to detect the aroma of the base tea and not just the sweet chocolate and cool mint. The black tea has the aroma of earthiness and oak wood which blends quite well with the chocolate's richness. The liquid sans plant matter is quite sweet blending mint, chocolate, and rich malt.

Tasting time! The taste is smooth with balanced mint and chocolate. There is an underlying hint of earthiness that lurks beneath the chocolate and mint. The tea is fairly sweet and leaves the mouth feeling cool and refreshed. The tea does not really need sugar and cream, but if you want a really dessert like treat, it will turn your cup of tea into a bowl of melted ice cream. The final verdict: Design a Tea makes good blends! I strongly suggest ordering loose tea if you give them a try since there was a significant difference between loose and teabag (as to be expected).


  1. I haven't heard of that tea site before, but I'm intrigued. This tea sounds delicious.

    - inskydiamonds @ swap-bot for blog comment hop #5

  2. I really like your tea reviews. I checked out the site too and thought about ordering something but then I read their policy on international orders. Might be too expensive for me at the moment. But thanks for the link! :)

    - elvenfire, Blog Comment Hop #5

  3. I like your tea reviews, and this one sounds really good.

    -devgel on swap bot Follow me #22

  4. My husband got me some chocolate peppermint tea from a local shop in Bentonville at Christmas time. I've yet to try it but I think I might this weekend.

    lostinavalon via SwapBot