Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Guayaki Brand: Pure Endurance Yerba Mate Tea Bag: A Tea Review

I have a serious case of nostalgia today, reminiscing with my mother about places I visited and adventures I had when I was a wee thing. I wish I could go back and give my younger self a camera, not really to capture events (not really my thing) but to capture places. So many of them have changed dramatically, I wish I could have captured them for my older self. Enough nostalgia, time for tea!

Today's tea is Pure Endurance Yerba Mate Tea Bag by Guayaki Brand, it is a blend of Yerba Mate, Orange, Acerola Cherries, Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) and Natural Electrolytes. The aroma is herbaceous, similar to sage but with a sharper quality, with a sweet, fruity aftertone. The aroma is a bit hard to describe, Yerba Mate has a very distinct aroma that is all its own and I have not found anything that it smells like to compare it to.

Once steeped the tea is sweet and citrusy with a definite note of cherry. There are also notes of earthiness and delicate floral tones, all of these notes are accompanied by an herbaceous and sharp aroma of the Yerba Mate.

The initial taste is quite good, a blend of sweet cherries and oranges with a slightly floral note. The midtaste is still sweet but it starts to have a woody, herbaceous quality that becomes stronger until it becomes an odd aftertaste. The aftertaste is very herbaceous and fairly strange, but not unpleasant. With each sip the Yerba Mate taste grows on me, also the little boost of caffeine also grows on me. I am curious to try more Yerba Mate, I find the taste fascinating and have very little experience with it.


  1. I like Yerba Mate. This sounds like a nice pick me up tea.
    I have been enjoying the reminiscing. <3

    1. You need to try Yerba Mate, you would love it I think