Sunday, February 9, 2014

Just Organic Tea: Peach Apricot Essence, A Tea Review

I am going through some serious withdraw, I haven't been able to play Minecraft in a while because a combination of everyone in the house being sick and snow days has meant no access to the Xbox 360. I have a castle that needs completion and a world that needs perfecting. If everything goes my way I will have the house to myself tomorrow and I plan on using a large chunk of it indulging in one of my favorite past times.

Today's tea has nothing to do with gaming, in fact it has to do with summer fruits and nostalgia. Peach Apricot Essence by Just Organic Tea is a blend of Black Teas with Apricot and Peach essence, Calendula Flowers and Lemon Myrtle. The aroma is very sweet and fruity blending peach and apricot, but unlike most the peach flavored teas I have encountered it smells like the fruit and not fake peach. I grew up in the South, Georgia to be exact, and we know out peaches (I mean we name everything after them, so that makes us experts, right?) and the aroma of this tea smells just like a sun warmed fresh peach straight from the plethora of roadside stands. There is milder note of apricot, and a touch of lemon myrtle.

After giving the tea leaves a steeping the leaves become much more lemony and bright, the warm, sweet peach aroma is more of an afterthought as the lemon myrtle takes center stage. The liquid's aroma is smooth and creamy blending the peach and lemon myrtle evenly. I admit I find the blending of those two quite intriguing.

The taste is initially sweet with strong notes of lemon myrtle. For those who have never had lemon myrtle it tastes like a blend of vegetation and lemon, similar to lemon balm but more sweet than green. There is also an initial taste of floral that is very faint and fades quickly. The midtaste is sweet and warm peach that stays until the aftertaste. The tea itself is just a bit astringent which I think blended well with the other flavors present and gives it a good bold quality. I wish it had been a little peachier, and that the apricot would have been present at all, this was the most realistic smelling peach teas and the taste was not at all artificial so it makes sense that I would crave more.

Also Just Organic Tea is still having their Kickstarter :)


  1. this tea sounds yummy. I used to most regular chinese teas but sometimes I like to explore other fruity teas.

    avarenity, from Swap-Bot

  2. Yay! maybe I will get on and play also.
    This tea sounds like summer! A good tea for cold winter days ;-).