Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Steepster Select Box, The Unboxing!

It is a beautiful day today, warm weather and bright sunshine. Also the world has been turned to mud from the melting snow, signs that spring is on the way...unless we get another freak late May snowstorm. It is also a good day because I got my Steepster Select  box today!

I was quite lucky and was able to get a free month thanks to a handy coupon and I was quite excited to try it out. For $24.95 (free shipping) a month you get two servings of five teas, for a total of ten cups of tea. It might seem a bit pricey but it appears that the teas are quite high quality.

This month, January the 'Year of Tea' box has two teas from Eco-Cha and three from Steepster themselves. I received Red Jade and Shan Lin Xi Oolong (from Eco-Cha) and Da Hong Pao Red Robe #55, Organic Long Jing, and Obukucha. I really appreciate the diversity in tea selection, having tea from multiple locations and different types is a real plus in my book. Not only do you get tea you also get an adorable Steepster draw-string bag, a postcard telling you all about the teas in question, and some fillable tea bags for your baggy needs.

I certainly suggest getting this subscription if you can afford it. Sadly if you are a money-less pile of sickness (like me) or a broke student (like my sweetheart) this is probably not the box for you. I can certainly say if I came into a nice supply of wealth I would definitely subscribe to this box forever! Keep your eye open for the official tea reviews to trickle in, I am especially excited for the Eco-Cha teas (I love their offerings) and the Obukucha.

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  1. I got mine today too! So exciting. Was disappointed to see that there were no herbals though :(