Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Della Terra Teas: A Rabbit's Garden, A Tea Review

I just realized I am nine blog posts away from my 200th post, awesome! I will have to do something fancy for my 200th post, maybe I will throw a tea party.  Other than being on the mend, having some snow flurries, and making stars, it has been a very basic uneventful day. Tomorrow or Friday, however, Ben has promised me a trip to the thrift store to get a new iron, hooray!

Today's tea is A Rabbit's Garden by Della Terra Tea, this unusual tea came to me by accident, I ordered the Try Me Sampler and one of the teas I selected were out of stock so they substituted this one. I was a bit miffed because I was really excited for the other tea, but hey, I like trying new things! This tea is a blend of Green Tea, Green Peas, Corn Kernels, Peach Pieces, Carrot Bits, and Lemongrass, this tea truly is a garden in a cup. The aroma is very peachy with corn sweetness, there is an underlying aroma of dried peas and slight vegetal green.The aroma is very sweet, it is like an orchard with peaches and fresh vegetation.

After giving the garden a good watering the aroma of the brewed leaves is still very sweet and fruity, best of all there is no aroma of lemongrass (I still don't like lemongrass). There is more of a vegetal tone specifically peas and spinach. I have to admit the aroma is a little odd. The liquid is very mild, quite peachy but not as sweet, with a touch of corn as well. As a finishing note there is a bit of vegetal.

The taste is surprisingly good, like really surprising for a tea made out of peas and corn. Imagine drinking veggie broth (made from the instant dip or soup mix that comes in packets) and then immediately drinking peach juice. And having both tastes in your mouth. It is a strange blend of flavors but it not unpleasant. There are notes of peach, spinach, tart lemons, it is very vegetal and very fruity. Once the tea cools the corn adds a bit of a nutty taste, the aftertaste is lemony and sharp and leaves a dryness in the mouth.

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  1. I am intrigued. Sounds like a good tea after being sick. It kind of has a smoothing a path into heavier stuff appeal.