Thursday, March 6, 2014

Exploring Tea, A Tea Course For Beginners

Instead of my usual tea review and or geekery, today I am going to share something tea knowledge related. I don't know about the rest of you, but collecting knowledge is my passion, my motto in life is 'all knowledge is worth having' and when that pursuit of knowledge coincides with a subject I enjoy then it is a double win.
Photo Courtesy of Exploring Tea
I was contacted by Matthew Howell, the developer of Exploring Tea, to preview his email based teaching platform Shuttles, specifically the first one, which is themed around tea, I was all to happy to oblige! This twelve lesson course provides bite-size emails chock full of tea information, three times a week. The lessons take about five minutes to read, perfect to peruse while waiting for your favorite cup of tea. 

These lessons are geared towards new comers to tea, or long time sippers who don't really know much about the history or processing of their favorite drink. Presented in small quantities that are easy to remember, and provide lots of points for self guided research. This is a really good starting point for those who are not really sure where to start, or who tried researching and their own and were bombarded by the vast plethora of information on tea. 
Photo Courtesy of Exploring Tea
So, if you have $14 (currently early enrollment is $9) to spare and want to learn more about the leafy beverage of choice, then give it a go! If you are curious about the site, the creator, and Shuttles, luckily the handy link provided can fill you in. 

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