Sunday, April 13, 2014

Communi-tea, A Tea Themed Documentary, The Kickstarter Edition

I am propped on a pile of pillow (abandoned the Tea Lair today for the bed) with the windows open enjoying the siren song of thunderstorms and not so siren song of a whiffling cat. Poor Tao seems to have either forgotten what thunderstorms are or is becoming a coward in her (not really) old age. Perhaps she thinks I am afraid and needs to comfort me and is just making worried noises at each loud thunder-clap for solidarity. Enjoy the pleasant weather while you can my exceptionally large fluff ball, because it is going to snow tonight after all the storms fade away, oh joy!
Photo presented by #communitea
Today's blog post is taking a brief break from the tea reviewing for a bit of a showcasing. Natasha, the venerable Snooty Tea Person and Master of Puns, has a wonderful Kickstarter Campaign all about our extraordinary Tea Community! Presenting: Communi-tea! This documentary will explore all aspects of the tea culture in the US, featuring famous tea bloggers (like Nicole Martin of Tea For Me Please) and tea experts (like Patrick Medina). Exploring the country with one question in mind: Why do you drink tea?

Of course the Master of Puns has all the details on the Kickstarter page (complete with loads of good puns) including all the juicy details on backer rewards (they include tea!). If you think that this documentary is going to be AWESOME (and let's be honest, you do) and want to support the Communi-tea, go become a backer. Or, create awesome Communi-tea Bags to promote the campaign around your home-town. Make sure all your tea loving friends know about it, or use this as an opportunity to get complete strangers interested in tea! That is the best part about Communi-tea, is how it brings us all together for a nice cup of their favorite steeped leaf.

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