Friday, May 23, 2014

Influenster GoVoxBox Product Reviews

 Once in a while I will blog about something other than tea, I know that seems really weird, but I do have other interest. The people at Influenster were awesome enough to send out the GoVoxBox to some lucky people, this blog is all about all the goodies found inside this health and fitness themed box.

First up is The Vitamin Shoppe's Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shake. I love the shake cup-mug-thingy with the tumbler thingy (do these things have official names?) I have always wanted one of these things. Since I am rather tiny and constantly battling with weight...trying to gain it...these protein shakes are not really a meal replacement for me but an extra boost of protein and nutrients. Let's see, pros and cons, pros are it does not require milk to make and only has whey and no lactose, it has no fake coloring, it doesn't taste like death. Cons: it is really sweet. I am not sure why protein shakes are always so blastedly sweet, I always feel a little sick and need something salty after I drink one.

Next product: Playtex Sport Fresh Balance I probably could not give this one the attention it deserves. I don't use tampons anymore, and if I did regular would not cut it and I never use scented tampons. I have really sensitive...well most scented products end badly for me. I will say this for the tampons, they have one of the nicest applicators I have used and when I did test it out I had no problems, it was very secure...and now I am going to awkwardly segway into something else.

Like snacks! Blue Diamond's Blueberry Almonds, oh my, I think I am in love. I went through my package in lightning speed. They are sweet, nutty, blueberry treats that are nice and healthy. These could be a new favorite snack for me, which considering how much I love blueberry flavored things and almonds is really no surprise.

For more healthy food Muller Quaker Greek Corner, specifically Honey Apricot, has us covered. This was really tasty, I love Greek yogurt with fruit. Fun fact, Greek yogurt is the only kind of yogurt I can tolerate. The tartness blends really well with the nice honey sweetened apricots. I really liked the taste but do not think this is for me, I would prefer to just buy a tub of yogurt and add my own fruit for a fraction of the price, but I could see this being very useful for someone who wants yogurt at work or school.

From food we venture to outright pampering. Aqua Spa Bath Soak: Relax is first on the pampering docket. A dekightfully foamy and lavender scented soak, perfect for relaxing after a workout or just when you really want to lounge in a hot, fizzy bath. Which for me is pretty much all the time. I really like that the smell does not overpower, it is a gentle lavender aroma that lingers for a while without making you feel like you are soaking in a perfume shop.

But what about feet? If you are active you might get sore feet, if you wander around barefoot you might get rough feet. Profoot's Pedi-Rock and Triad Orthotic are designed to help with those problems. The rock is awesome, really fits nicely in the hand for some good food scouring action, my feet are quite soft now. The Triad Orthotics really added some much needed cushioning to my shoes. I have very high arches so I need all the extra support I can get. Both of these products were a win in my book.

*obligatory disclaimer: I received these products for free from Influenster, the opinions voiced here are mine and no reflection on the freeness of the products**

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