Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tea Savant: Organic Good Fortune Tea, A Tea Review

Sorry to say, I have nothing interesting or particularly witty to start today's blog out with. The sky is hazy and so is my mind, or maybe it was all that Minecraft I played earlier. Clearly all I can think of explosive Creepers paying me a visit while I am doing something constructive. There was one really funny incident that happened today while I was playing, I had created a 'gated community' for my Testificate village and took a sleep in my bed near the far site of the fenced in area. Yes it was silly to sleep out in the open, but waking up to a creeper blowing up on the other side of the fence was quite the surprise. Turns out they make really bad alarm clocks.

Today's tea is one with a lot of color and panache! Tea Savant's Organic Good Fortune Tea, I have to say that when I was browsing their store and saw a tea named Good Fortune made with some of my favorite ingredients, I had to try it. Blending together Pistachio nuts, Black Tea, Rose Petals, Ginger, and Exotic spices, the aroma of this tea is extremely reminiscent of one of my favorite desserts, a Middle Eastern frozen treat called Kulfi. The aroma of the loose leaf has rich nutty pistachio, heady rose, and a nice spicy kick of clove and ginger. There is also a creamy quality and a bit of malt that adds a layer of depth to the aroma.

The brewed leaves are bright and brisk with a strong note of ginger and clove that fade to perfume-like rose and rich pistachio nuts. There is also a strong presence of almond at the finish, the wet leaves are certainly more tea than dessert. The liquid however smells just like Kulfi but with a strong malt and spices presence. I would be lying if I tried to deny that my mouth was watering.

Tasting time! The taste is quite bright and very gingery and rosy, I would say that those tastes are the most prominent. Those fade into a rich pistachio and almond taste that makes me immensely happy (pistachios are possibly one of my favorite things ever) the finish is that of malt and nuttiness. Even though it tastes very much so like a rich black tea (as one would hope) the taste still reminds me a lot of Kulfi. Adding a touch of cream and sugar brings out the pistachio nuttiness more and of course adds an extra creamy and sweet quality. I actually think I prefer this tea with just a bit of sugar, for all that it is a tea that reminds me of dessert, it is not a very sweet tea. If you liked this tea and would like to try it (or any other) Tea Savant was nice enough to give me a coupon to share with my readers, use coupon code Butterflies10 for 10% off your purchase.