Friday, May 2, 2014

The Persimmon Tree: Detox Blend, A Tea Review

I have a serious case of the derp today, I think because the weather has turned nice and my brain has gone frolicking off in the flowers and left my body behind to work on projects. Wouldn't it just be the best thing ever if that were possible? I read a book (Court of the Air, for those curious) a while ago that had Steampunk-Voodoo-Buddhist-Robots (it was a thing) where some of them were Slip-thinkers. Basically they sent part of their mind into little mini robots (Mu Bodies) to do things for them, I admit I was rather jealous. It seems like the perfect solution for someone with too many interests.

Today's tea has nothing to do with robots, but I certainly don't hold that against it! Detox Blend by The Persimmon Tree, is an herbal blend to help you detox when you have overdone it with the junk food, or if your belly hates you, like mine frequently does! A blend of (all organic) Coriander Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Milk Thistle, Chicory Roots, Burdock Roots, and Dandelion Roots, this tisane certainly has a really neat look to it. The aroma of this tea is seedy, not all shifty-eyed, but like actual seeds, especially fennel. There is a nice amount of coriander and an earthy root aroma as well. Sniffing it reminds me of the fennel mouth cleaners they have sitting out in Indian restaurants, I love those things!

The brewed tea has a more distinct earthy root like aroma with side notes of sweet fennel and herbaceous coriander. The majority of the aroma is savory rather than sweet. The liquid sans the pile of seeds and roots is mostly fennel and coriander with a nice earthy finish of roots.

The taste is earthy and root like, but thankfully not bitter like some root based teas can be. I am looking at you Black Cohosh and Valerian, you are so unpleasantly bitter! I noticed this tea has a warming effect starting at my core and moving out to my fingers, it was quite soothing and relaxing. There are also notes of coriander and fennel, giving the tea a nice delicate sweetness at the end. This tea is great for a day when you feel unwell, it is tasty without being overwhelming, plus it feels all warm and snuggly!

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