Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Republic of Tea: Get Lost, a Tea Review

My cat, Tao, is usually a bit on the aloof side. She tends to snuggle either when you are asleep (she curls up on your stomach or pressed against your back or chest) or when you are lounging. Very different from Espeon who is essentially a lap-cat. The only time Tao goes into hyper cuddle mode is when she detects something is wrong, if I am upset about something or sick, Tao becomes super snuggle happy. Well I went to bed this afternoon feeling pretty awful and woke up a few hours later with a very large, very fluffy, loudly purring, weight on my face. I might have been mildly asphyxiated, but it made me happy and I had to share my happy moment.

Today's tea review is The Republic of Tea's Get Lost, an herbal blend of Organic Rooibos, Orange Peel, Carob Pod, Gymnema Leaf, Cinnamon, Banaba Leaf, and Orange Flavor, supposedly selected to aid in weight loss. I do not need to lose weight, I weigh a whopping 94lbs and am constantly trying to gain it, but I will never turn down a tea to try. In theory (I really have no idea how factual this is) these herbs are supposed to help with sugar cravings and satisfy one's sweet tooth, I can certainly see no fault in that, even when you are trying to gain weight, avoiding crazy sugar cravings is good since it can feed yeast and other unpleasant things in one's guts. Enough health stuff, how does this little round teabag smell? Well, this is certainly a rooibos tea because that distinct sharp woodiness of rooibos is the predominant aroma. There are also notes of herbaceous leaves and a touch of chocolate. This teabag also smells dry and a little dusty, but I find most teabags do, so your mileage my vary.

The steeped tea has a very herbal and woody aroma with a potent chocolate sweetness and a finish of yeast. It reminds me of boxed chocolate cake sitting next to a big cup of rooibos tea. From the aroma alone I can see this being helpful for people with cravings of cake, time to see if it holds up on taste.

First up, I notice that oh so familiar woody and sweet rooibos with its signature dry mouth feel. It is not dry mouth like you get from something with too many tannins, not that puckering all moisture has been sucked out...but more of a gentle dry mouth, it almost has a dusty quality. Oddly drinking rooibos reminds me of breathing through my mouth on a typical hot, dry, windy, Kansas City day. There are also notes of chocolate, they are vaguely chocolate, much like one expects from carob. The aftertaste is herbaceous and slightly green tasting. This tea is pleasant, not outstanding but also not bad, it could be good for someone craving a sweet tea and looking for an 'everyday' kinda tea.

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