Monday, June 16, 2014

Wegman's Food Market: Organic Blueberry Green Tea, A Tea Review

Yesterday was awesome, I am still basking in the fun glow. Since this week will be Ben's first week back at work, he wanted to do something fun with me, so we went to the zoo! Since I am photosensitive, this means we were there at its 8 am opening, we wandered around for five hours and I am so sore today, but it was totally worth it. I got some awesome photos, a tiny plushie Red Panda, and even got to pet an Ibis. It was truly an awesome day.

When I was visiting my mom in Pennsylvania last summer (and therefore had access to my favorite grocery store) I became mildly addicted to today's tea. Wegman's Organic Blueberry Green Tea is a blend of Green Tea, White Tea, Blueberries, Cornflower Petals, and Flavoring. The aroma of the leaves is delightfully fruity, it smells like sweet blueberries and fresh vegetation. There is a hint of lettuce and very delicate floral as well, for the finish we have a slight peppery kick.

The aroma of the brewed tea is quite sweet and very vegetal, it reminds me of a mild Bi Luo Chun with notes of artichoke and lychee. This blends really well with the blueberry aroma. The liquid has a very blueberry heavy aroma, which makes me happy, there are also notes of lychee and fresh vegetation with a gentle finish of lettuce.

It is no secret that of all the flavorings you can add to things, blueberries are my favorite, but it has to taste like sweet, fresh, wild Maine Blueberries from my childhood memories or I won't like it. None of those tart blueberries for me, please. I admit, when I was drinking this over the summer I primarily had it sweetened and frequently chilled. I have since moved away from sweetening my teas and only rarely chill them, so lets see if I still love it as much. The taste is delicate and sweet, the blueberry taste is faint, it is more like having blueberries in the tea and not flavoring it. There are notes of artichoke, lettuce, and a tiny bit of acidic citrus at the finish. On a whim I added a bit of sugar and the faint blueberries pop into a rich blueberry flavor. I guess some things never change, my love for strong blueberries certainly doesn't!

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