Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Good Life Tea: Kyoto Cherry Rose Organic Green, a Tea Review

Ugh, I am having the worst writers block right now, which is so annoying! Usually on days where I don't do anything constructive (I have had a really off, pain filled day today, yuck) I can think of some clever story or nerdy reference. Nope, not today, sorry everyone but yours truly is off in la-la land with my head in the clouds.

Today's tea does not have its leaves in the clouds, but is more down to earth and floral. Good Life Tea's Kyoto Cherry Rose Organic Green is a blend of cherry flavoring, sencha style Chinese green tea (meaning it is steamed rather than pan fried) and rose petals. You all know my weakness for roses in tea, they just smell so wonderful and taste wonderful as well. In theory this tea is a really good green tea for those who are not a fan of teas that are too grassy, vegetal, or just green, a good 'intro to green teas' kind of tea. The aroma of this tea is a nice blend of cherries and roses with just a gentle touch of the green base. It is very much the green of fresh vegetation, like the leaves of a rose bush or cherry tree. Sweet and summery, this tea evokes gardens in full bloom.

Once the leaves have been steeped in their little basket, the aroma of roses and cherries practically fills up my tea lair. One thing I will give this tea credit for, the cherries smell like fresh fruit and not fake cherry candy, that is something I always appreciate. Underneath the aroma of cherries and roses there is a gentle hint of vegetation. The liquid without its soggy leafy friends is sweet, a blend of freshly mown hay, honey, roses in full bloom, and fresh cherries.

The taste is, well, light and uninspiring, which is a surprise after such a strong aroma. There is a light rosy taste, a bit of freshly mown hay and green vegetation, and a tiny bit of cherry at the finish. I think if I first sipped this tea without sniffing it first I would not be disappointed, the tea is very light and the flavors are clear, just very delicate. However I did sniff it and was expecting rich roses and sweet cherry juice, more body to this tea. I find myself a bit confused on how to think about this tea, on the one hand I enjoyed its delicate flavor, on the other hand I was expecting more.

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