Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tea People: Desi Masala Chai, a Tea Review

I am going to apologize in advance if there is no blog post tomorrow, because I am going in for an Endoscopy, and they tend to leave you a bit dopey and derpy afterwards. Man, my doctor group that I currently have is awesome, I was expecting to have to wait at the very least a week before I could get a biopsy, but only a day, that is so crazy. Color me impressed, though slightly cranky about not being able to eat or drink after midnight. No late night sipping for me tonight.

Today's tea is Desi Masala Chai from Tea People, a blend of Assam tea, Cardamon, Ginger, Cinnamon, and Cloves. I am so enamored of Chai that is loaded with big chunks of spices and whole cardamon pods, I tend to giggle maniacally when I get my greedy little fingers on some like that. Not only does this chai have some awesome looking ingredients, Tea People is one of those companies that is really focuses doing good things for tea growers, I suggest giving their website a looking over, it is pretty nifty. The aroma of the tea is expectantly spicy, deliciously so, I would go as far as mouth-wateringly so, but it is no secret that I go gaga for spices. The Assam is rich and malty with notes of molasses as well, it is quite sweet, also the spices are strong but well balanced. None of this cinnamon elbowing its way to the front or the ginger tripping the cardamon so it can be the bell of the ball. We all know cardamon is polite and would never do anything to be a dominating aroma.

After giving the dry leaves and spices a nice steeping, the now wet leaves (and accouterments) still smell aaaamazing. Very rich and malty with sweet molasses and intense spices. As with the dry leaves the spices dance together perfectly and do not engage is spicy slap fighting for dominance. The liquid (pre-cream and sugar) is very rich, almost heady (or at the very least intoxicating) with strong notes of malt and molasses and intense and well balanced spice. I am practically bouncing with excitement to try this this.

Adding cream (actually half and half) and sugar for a traditional chai, my favorite way to sip this spicy, Indian tea. Oh man, this is one delicious chai, it is extremely rich and malty with sweet notes of molasses and an almost earthy finish to it. Of course the spices are having a party across my palate, the cardamon and ginger seem to be dominate and the cinnamon and cloves takes a backseat. Even though those two dominate they still seem really balanced, it is not a kick in the face of ginger or cardamon (cardamon can do no wrong!!) but more of a gentle strength. Personally I am a very big fan of Chai that are more dominated by cardamon (no surprise there) or ginger, but I think those who are also fans of the other spices will not feel neglected.

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