Friday, August 15, 2014

A One Day Break!

Well, I am finally *mostly* done with the bedroom redo, and let me tell you I am pooped! I have spent so much time and energy working on it that I have not even really thought about anything else. Combine that with a doctor's visit (they always wear me out, a bit of the medical phobia and all that) and I am utterly worn out, mentally and physically.
Tao adequately represents my level of worn out

So please forgive your friendly tea geek this one day break from reviewing! This does mean that today's regularly scheduled review will be up tomorrow and therefore there will not be a Saturday Rambling post. Mainly because I have been too distracted this week to do much of anything geeky or crafty, I am so behind on my favorite Youtuber's videos!

Almost done!!
Well no, I did spend a decent amount of time talking paint and techniques with the various people at Tabletop last night and bought myself some primer after that conversation. No surprise that spray on primer works better than paint one when doing 10mm scale models. Also giving your resin models a brief scrubbing with a toothbrush will make the paint stick better.

So with that little blurb I take my leave, I need some much needed rest and will be back tomorrow with more tea!

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