Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday Musings: Crafts, Geekery, and Randomness

Happy Saturday everyone (unless it is Sunday because you are in a different time zone) this is my first installment of Saturday Musings, where I ramble about various subjects that interest me. There will be tea, but it will be more 'this is what I am currently sipping' instead of a review. Saturdays will be my day to just ramble, share craft projects I am working on, talk about gaming and geeky things I have discovered over the week, that kind of thing. As of now the plan is to have this be an every Saturday 'thing' but I might change my mind, we shall see!
Collected from Oort Online's website
First off, let us journey into the world of geekery! Recently (I want to say Tuesday) I was watching one of the Zogcast members showcase a game on youtube called Oort Online. It is still in development and is being crowd funded, so far it looks amazing. I have watched a few videos and sat in on a couple livestreams and I can safely say I am going to add some of my funds to this game when I get a chance. It is beautiful and incredibly ambitious, being a multiplayer sandbox game with survival, building, adventuring, really seems like it is going to have a little bit of everything. I am super excited to see how far this game goes, right now it is browser based so my computer won't explode (I hope) and if I am lucky I will have saved up enough to get a new computer by the time this thing launches.
Minecraft here represented with a Tropicraft Creeper
 And speaking of awesome games, the Minecraft snapshots for this week makes me squee. I thought that the Guardians, ocean temples, and bunnies would be the thing that pushes me into a geek-fit, but no, this recent week really pushed me over the edge. There are finally going to be armor stands, I have been wanting those in vanilla Minecraft forever (like I have room to talk, I do not even have the game on the PC *cries*) so many castles and lairs that needed the beauty of armor stands. Also, can we talk about the new wooden fences and the different door varieties? As a builder I can say that the opportunities here are amazing! I know, there are mods that add tons of variety, but it being in vanilla just makes it exciting.
Prowlers to the Rescue! Pencil for scale

Yesterday Ben gave me an awesome present, remember a while ago when we bought the starter set for DropZone Commander, well he gave me a pack of Prowlers, in my opinion one of the best things about playing the Scourge. It is not easy playing the villain of the setting, what with their Yeerk like alien brain slugs and creepy conquering other worlds for new hosts culture, but they have the playstyle best suited for me, and I love their aesthetic, plus I always end up playing the villain. Ben has put me in charge (ok I enthusiastically volunteered) of painting, I am both excited and very intimidated. See, Hawk Wargames (the people who put out DZC) have some of the most detailed miniatures I have ever seen, and they are in 10mm scale meaning that they are TINY. A single Prowler can sit comfortably on a quarter, and most of that size is their legs. Since the vehicles are essentially machines that are fused with the Scourge in this bio-mechanical shell, I want to blend machine and alien life-form in my paint scheme, I finally have it all planned out in my I just need to get the paint.
First art in a decade? Summoner Wars fan art :P I has priorities 
Recently when I went by Half Priced Books to sell some of the books that I was no longer needing, I bought myself an excellent new sketchbook. A couple months ago I discovered that I like drawing, I am not very good at it since it had been almost a decade since I did any major traditional art. Plus back then I wasn't very good at it, I lacked the patience and was afraid of branching out of the one thing I felt vaguely comfortable with. With this new sketchbook I decided browse pinterest for tutorials on basic drawing techniques, because I needed a refresher. Fun fact, I actually failed art class in high school, that always shocks my friends because I spend so much of my time devoted to arts and crafts. Well, the only reason I took art in school was because it was the prerequisite to the artisan crafts class and photography, the art classes that I really wanted to take. Traditional art has always been the realm of my mom and grandmother, both very talented painters and drawers, so I am very happy that I finally feel comfortable to do it. Long story short, I am going to be drawing more, also I am going to dabble in the art of Zentangle, it looks very relaxing.

So that is my Saturday! I am waiting for the mail to run, sipping some Fuding Shou Mei White Tea Cake (2013) from Teavivre (review incoming next week!) and then I am probably going to take a nice long nap.

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