Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday Musings: Crafts, Geekery, and Randomness

Ah Saturday, my day to reflect on the week and ramble about the things that interest me other than tea, and what a week it has been! Definitely a week of highs and lows, luckily the lows resolved themselves without much doom and gloom. This week's highs included awesome gaming and hanging out with friends, I celebrated my One Year Tea Blog-iversary, and Espeon is not going to have to have surgery!
How are you even comfortable?
Ok that was also the big low...silly cat goes and eats a massive ribbon (the inner tie to my silk robe no less) and after a visit to the pet ER (goodbye $120 I didn't really have) and the inducing of vomit failing, the doctor said there is a 50/50 chance she will pass it or have to have a very costly and invasive surgery. I can say that yesterday might have been one of the most stressful days of my life, luckily about an hour ago the ribbon made its way through Espeon and she is bouncing around happily like nothing happened. Of course completely oblivious to the fact that she almost gave me a heart-attack many times over.
Hello, we are Chaos, here to visit your town!
So as promised in yesterday's post, it is time to talk about gaming! On Thursday I played four new games and one old favorite. The three new ones were Bohnanza, a game that is about beans and planting, classic 90s game with cheesy art devoted to cut throat trading and resource management, I am pretty lukewarm on it...I enjoyed playing a new game and certainly enjoyed the fierce competition, but I doubt I would seek it out again on my own. Next up was Werewolf and The Resistance, two Mafia-esque games that require the players be good at reading other people and bluffing. I am pretty good at reading people, but terrible at bluffing, I tend to use my usual plan when bluffing is involved, I blend into the background and hope people forget I am there. These style games are more ones I like to watch other people play rather than play myself because being shy and terrible at bluffing makes me not very good at these games. The last new game I play was called Shadow Hunter, it had some secretive Mafia-esque elements which pretty much everyone forgot and it turned into a game of just trolling each other, which is surprisingly fun!

The old familiar game I played is probably one of my favorite Ameri-trash games on the market, Chaos in the Oldworld! Typical Fantasy Flight aesthetic with lots of pieces, detailed miniatures, a huge board, cut-throat competition, and a ton of detailed game-play. Tie in the fact that this game is set in Warhammer Fantasy's universe and you have a recipe for fun...if you are into being a god of Chaos who's sole purpose in life is corrupting the world and remaking it in your image instead of letting one of the other gods have it. Sadly I do not get to play this game often because it is a dense game with a lot of set-up, it is pretty violent and grim dark, it takes about two hours to play, and it is absolutely a four player game. True you can play with three, Ben and I played it together with our third 'person' being a completely randomized AI, but it made the game a bit unbalanced.
Spore print!
I tend to always go for Nurgle when playing, good old Father Nurgle is the god of pestilence, disease, and rot. He wins by corrupting as many regions as possible, spreading plague everywhere, as an armchair Mycologist I like to imagine that he is spreading like Mycellia and all his corruption tokens are the fruiting stages of mushrooms. Speaking of mushes, I found what I believe to be a Pluteus petastus in the yard. Sadly since I live in a suburban wasteland I do not get many options to go mushrooming and I fear I am atrophying in my skills. To try and combat this I bought myself a present, much loved by me Mushrooms of North America by Roger Phillips. I used to own this book but in a fit of depression I sold it...this was after I was told I was no longer going to be a Naturalist at Unistar (or mushroom heaven) and I just could not bear to look at my mushroom books. So I am very happy to have my book back, especially since it was only $5 at Half Price Books.

Lastly in today's rambling is a bit of craftiness. I have gotten back into folding origami after my break due to strained tendons in my wrists and then redoing my tea/craft area (which still needs a cool name) I started off with a skeletal dodecahedron, one of my favorite designs, and I am currently working on a striped sonobe stellated icosahedron. Funny thing is, I pocketed some paper to fold while at Tabletop, in case there was a lull in the gaming and I got bored. Well Chaos in the Old World can have some pretty big gaps between turns, especially if someone spends a long time thinking of their next move (I am looking at you Ben, who totally has to get timed sometimes) so I started folding between turns. By the end of the game I had a little sonobe stellated icosahedron and tossed it to one of my friends. My various friends were amazed that I would just give something like that away, I told them that I make so much origami that I more or less have to or I end up running out of room for it all! Then one of my other friends came up with a genius idea, I should fold things during a game and then at the end give whoever won the thing I folded...absolute brilliance, so this is totally going to be my thing now.
From my mom's calender last year
One last little blurb before I finish rambling. If anyone has an interest in buying one of my annual Tea Advent Calenders, you have until September 1st to pre-order. I know crazy early but since I am going to be in Pennsylvania mid-October through the end of December, I have to make them before I go. For all the details please check here, all I need is a Paypal email address to send an invoice to, and you can contact me through the little box on the side of the blog, or through facebook, twitter, tumblr, or cat memo (ok maybe not that one)

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