Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday Musings: Crafts, Geekery, and Randomness

Is it really Saturday already? Crazy, this week seemed to fly by. I spent it baking, taking care of a sick Ben, and dabbling in crafty stuff. Even though it flew by it seemed fairly uneventful and I have been fairly distracted.

I think my greatest accomplishment was dabbling with paint and paint techniques for my Scourge units. Luckily the starter set which I bought came with a spare Invader APC so I have been using it for practice, it looks awful. I decided to see what different paints looked like together and how different level of watering down looked, so basically it is tacky and pretty crooked. Of course I was painting with a junk brush and while waiting for my nightly muscle relaxers to kick in, so slowly I was losing motor control and my detail work becomes blurry. Painting 10mm scale while slowly being knocked out is really fun, but also really hard.

My other two big projects this week, well, one of them I can't talk about because it involves a friend's birthday present which she won't be getting until next week. The other one, however, I can babble on about! I have been having a great time redesigning the labels for my Adagio Teas Minecraft Mobs Custom Blends and then I will be designing teas for the mobs that are currently missing from my collection. I am hoping the blends will become more popular so they can be made into a fandom sampler. A girl can dream!

On another tea themed note, I went to the thrift store and found some very cute tea themed items for my collection! A classic somewhat rustic looking tea tin (stamped with TEA, for convenience) that is actually just a ruse, it is lined with stainless steel and is quite modern. The big find was an intriguing new tiny teapot, it is some unglazed clay with plum blossoms on one side and calligraphy on the reverse. I am going to season it like it is a yixing, though what it actually is is the question.
Also Espen on  my chair

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