Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Musings: Crafts, Geekery, and Randomness

Ah Saturday, that day where I just ramble about whatever comes to mind. What comes to mind right this second is how happy I am to have my tea kettle back! Earlier this week I broke the news that my beloved tea kettle bit the dust, after much crying and whinging on facebook a friend bought me a replacement, and after what felt like an eternity it arrived yesterday. Of course now I am paranoid, every time I turn it on I am scared it will break, being without a tea kettle is not something I want to go back to!
I don't really need that much desk space

On the craft side of life I have been busy with the Advent Calenders, all the supplies (except the shipping boxes) has arrived, including one last tea to add, and I have been folding and setting everything up. Currently I do not have a desk, it is filled with neat little boxes which have Christmas themed paper all pre-folded. When I do a huge origami project like this I like to do it is stages, say the envelopes have several different folds, first I fold all the paper in half, then I fold in the triangles, then on each set of 25 I fold into thirds and then finish shaping the envelopes. I feel that doing it this way, oddly, keeps it from seeming like a massive project that is overwhelming. I timed it last night and it takes me roughly 2-3 hours to fold all 25 envelopes, so not bad, of course I like to give my hands a few hours to cool down between since they tend to cramp if I don't.
Waaagh Green! Egads I am turning into an orc!

My other big crafty thing at the moment is of course miniature painting, yeah remember that terrible thing from last week, my super tacky APC? Well after my playing around I decided to get  started on my real paint scheme, along with Ben's UCM units. I am mainly focusing on his first because it will be quicker (not so many details) and he will be playing battles with friends while I am off in Pennsylvania for three months. Instead of the usual urban/dessert/arctic/jungle camo that people go with for the very militant UCM, Ben wants Roman Legion colors, vibrant red and gold! He always wants them to look a bit aged and beat up so I am starting with a base coat of brown and will be covering that with red, that way I can scrape away the red making it look like rust and dirt.
Ignore that red splotchy is an experiment. 

My Scourge units are going to be blending organic and machine, the base is black with Waaagh green as a thin coat over it. I will then take a slightly lighter green and a very stiff stenciling brush and flick speckles on it to make them look mottled. I was testing this technique the other day and mottled my face which was both hilarious and annoying, at least the shade of green matched my hair. I will be doing details in a mix of very bright silver (using Vallejo's Liquid Silver, which is a synthetic resin with Metallic pigment) and electric blues. I might add a little purple as well, just for a bit of color.
Qvrp Qvrp?

On the tea themed front, I had a real moment of annoyance today. I had accrued enough Adagio points to buy my Minecraft Enderman Custom Blend, because I had a need for a tasty berry themed black tea and I wanted to add it to the Advent Calenders. Plus it would be fun to see how the new labels I designed turned out.
Flash....ahhhh...he's a miracle

Well poop, the label is so dark that I cannot even see the sparkly purple and the Endermen (Endermans?) the name and the Enderpearls are really clear, the ingredients are a little dim...but really, it looks so much darker than it did when I was designing it/on the website. I definitely have to redo it, possibly redoing the Ender Dragon, Wither, and Cave Spider labels since they are on the dark side. *Sigh* I won't have time to redo it until after I finish the calenders since that is my top priority, so that is doubly frustrating.

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