Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Musings: Crafts, Geekery, and Randomness

The weather right now is fantastic, nice and chilly, which means huddling under blankets and having my lap full of a cat seeking warmth. I love the cold, it might make me a bit (ok a lot) achy, but I will take that any day over the misery that is weather above 85 degrees. But you guys are well aware by now that I hate hot weather and would be more content wearing a coat while living in a large freezer.
Sorry anyone who has arachnophobia 

I have good news! I have had babies! Ok, not me, but the adorable Common House Spider I rescued from the floor drain in the basement. I was cleaning up down there and saw she had a little web with a pair of egg sacks in the worst location, so I put a few nature-y things in a large jar and scooped her and the egg cases inside where she has spent the last week making a messy web and protecting her eggs. While examining the habitat yesterday I noticed one of the sacks had opened and there were hundreds of baby spiders clustered together, so I took the jar outside to let them balloon off to their new lives. Turns out they were having none of it, after a day of them sitting outside instead of flying off they clumped closer together...I suppose it was too cold for them. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm, so I will try to set them free again. 
there is some gorgeous paper in here

Another little piece of good news, I am pretty much done with the Advent Calenders! I ran out of ribbon, so I need to pick a little more of that up, but if all goes well come Monday they will be on their way to their respective homes. But oh man, folding that many envelopes and then stuffing them full of bags of tea has ruined my shoulders, which sucks because I found a 'book' of origami paper at Half Priced Books that is just begging for folding. Time to give my shoulders a much needed rest...
Powlers are so cute until they fill you with plasma painting miniatures. Yeah I am bad at taking rests! I decided to work on my Scourge units today while Ben and one of his friends played around with the new D&D 5th edition rules set, I could have gamed but I realllllly wanted to paint. It has been seductively calling me from the drawer all my painting stuff lives in for the better part of a month, so I gave in and started working on the detailing. Sadly my attempt at a mottled affect didn't really work, I guess the green I used was too dark or the paint too watered down, but the models are all the same flat green. It is ok though, I am really liking how they are coming along, though I am unsure if I want to add a bit of lightning purple and if I want to make the eyes metallic teal or bronze colored (to mimic Jumping Spiders) I was told that I was crazy for the amount of detail work I am doing...personally I find it very relaxing. 

Those submarines have saws! I love the Vanguard!
Speaking of Miniatures, Ben and I have been persuaded (begged, bullied, cajoled, manhandled) into playing Dystopian Wars. It was a big debate when we were first starting War Gaming (something we both put off for years because good lord it has a steep buy it, but that is changing now that there is more than just Warhammer dominating the market...but I digress) if we were going to go Dystopian Wars or Dropzone Commander...well we chose DZC because the models are amazing (I mean Prowlers are the cutest things ever) the rules are very streamline, and it involves space the time Ben was burned out of Steampunk (I tend to go in obsessive waves over it) and I was hungry for some Sci-Fi. Turns out though that the local gaming people are REALLY into Dystopian Wars, so if we want to play we need to pick that up too.
Indian Raj Not the color scheme I would be going with
So he got the rule book and we are going for a demo game next week and to watch a tournament the first of October. We are trying to figure out a way to have an army fielded for the tournament, but it is doubtful since the faction I want to play is only half available (Indian Raj is not available yet...I don't think) and Ben can't get over the inevitability that he will be playing Antarctica (he wants 'real' history) because their cheaty rules breaking play-style is his favorite. I was originally going to play Prussia but then realized, I could be India with a heavy Britannia support and pretend I am Sir Richard Burton, well that changed my mind. Of course I told Ben to focus on developing his army first since I won't even be around to play it until January. 
My favorite build, Temple of Remembered Starlight, for my Enderman friends 

I was hoping to talk more about the rumors of Microsoft buying Minecraft for more money than my brain can really process, but there has been no news on the subject, other than the massive community freak out. I honestly am ok with it, as long Minecraft mostly stays the help me if it turns out to be 'from  now on Minecraft 2, Minecraft 3' instead of updates, I will flip out...and so will most the people who play it. Console gamers are very familiar with this tactic, in fact I have talked to several people who don't play the craft of mine and they are surprised that updates are free, especially ones that completely redefine game-play rather than just a patch. I very much so want the creators of Minecraft to be happy, and if selling the game is what they need to do, then by all means...however I do not want my favorite change too much. Though to be honest, having seen the way that the Xbox versions were handled, and considering the size of the Minecraft community, really dramatic changes that isolate the fanbase seem like an incredibly dumb business move. 

Lastly a bit of tea. I mentioned earlier that Ben's friend (ok he is my friend too, but he is more so Ben's because they have been best friends for years) was over for a visit, it is a tradition to make Lapsang Souchong for all of us to sip while gaming...this time I decided to pair it with some Smoked Gouda, which is very much so one of my favorite cheeses. The pairing was a success, those two flavors go wonderfully together! I suggest mixing your smoky tea and smoky cheese together whenever possible. 

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