Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Musings: Crafts, Geekery, and Randomness

I do not know what is with me, but ever since Thursday afternoon I have felt utterly awful, and it is totally not cool! One of the reasons I am so glad to not be in the basement anymore, because there is no way I could handle the stairs right now. But there is a bright side to every cloud, I have plenty of tea to keep me company, my fluffy cats to snuggle, and of course lots of crafts to do and let's plays to watch!

Speaking of let's plays, the internet has been all a twitter, Twitter has been all a twitter, about Microsoft buying Minecraft. Last week's rambling had me wondering if it was going to happen, and voicing my concerns about what could go wrong if Microsoft pulled a dumb. Well, it happened, Microsoft did buy Minecraft, no surprise, when there was no 'damage control' with the rumor it more or less confirmed it. Microsoft might be pretty tight lipped, but Notch has always been very opinionated. One thing that has both surprised me and made me very happy was the community's response, I was expecting a hate storm similar to the EULA mess a couple months ago, but the community (at least the branch of it I follow) was really supportive and had a positive outlook. Only one of the people I follow had a really 'you betrayed me, Notch' reaction, but (and no offense to this Youtuber) I never followed BebobVox because I liked him, I just followed him for the weekly Minecraft news. I understand his fear and frustration, but Notch is just a guy, he can do what he wants and needs to do for his well being.
Creepy eyes!
But enough of the potential doom and gloom, Saturdays are supposed to be happy! I have a new addiction, miniature painting! Ok you guys probably already figured this was going to happen as soon as I started it, when I have started a craft and immediately not fallen in love with it? This is a bit different, for those of you who have been reading my ramblings for a long time, you might remember my Creative Woes and how I wanted to start an art that let me express myself. I think miniature painting might be that creative outlet I was looking for, I start with a blank slate (or in some cases a blank Cthulhu) and paint it to look however I want. Problem is, miniatures are blasted expensive, mostly because they belong to a specific game, however there is Reaper Miniatures, instead of the astronomical prices their miniatures range from $2.50 to $30 at the most for their giant monsters. I have created a massive wishlist of random things I want to buy from them.
Vote for me :)

Lastly, I have a very large request for my dear readers. I am entered in a photography contest and would really appreciate some votes on my photo, if you like it of course. Just scroll down to 'gallery' and find my photo. I would win a nice pile of tea, which of course would end up reviewed on my blog. If you do vote for me, thank you very much!

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