Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Musings: Crafts, Geekery, and Randomness

It is Saturday, and oh man what a week it has been. I feel much like I have been fighting a battle this week, and not just in the world of gaming. It has been both worrisome and annoying this week because I have been almost crippled with fatigue, it is not an exaggeration when I say that I have collapsed almost fainting several times out of weakness. I was really worried until I came to an awesome (maybe) revelation, I am having a really nasty Fibromyalgia Flair. Usually these are accompanied with pain and of course fatigue, but I am so focused on my pain that the fatigue, brain fog, and weakness are side problems. This is proof that the medication I take for pain is working wonders, I mean I still have pain but it is vastly reduced, and with my doctor upping the dosage, I might be entirely pain free. The only problem is what do I do about this fatigue that makes it so hard to function. If I am not focusing on something I fall asleep, it is ridiculous!
Official Rulebook! 
But I know a lot of you are not here to hear about my various health problems and how I deal with them, you are here for either tea or geekery...and crafts too, can't forget about them! So why was I out till midnight on Thursday you might ask? I was dealing with a pulsar and a stupid space station that got stuck in a time stasis! I am talking about Battlestations, a space themed RPG that is heavily influenced by Star Trek but with more weird aliens. I am a Canosian, these strange things are essentially a giant pile of neurons that crackle with electricity and get tumbled around. They are shy and prefer to stay in corners, after reading suggested names (they are all clicking noises) I decided to 'talk' entirely by tapping my fingernails on the table. Luckily Ben (who was a Whistler, essentially a giant ball of fluff) translated for me, usually he was correct.
It is too cute
Out of character I talked of course, like coming up with the awesome idea to blow up the pulsar. As the ship scientist (and the one that kept having to be told 'it's a game, stop worrying about science, this game has space friction') I figured the time stasis was caused by that! Everyone thought it was an absolutely insane idea that would get us killed, meaning we should totally do it...but the GM (ship computer? not sure what the Battlestations term for the GM is) said no, we are not blowing up the pulsar. I was sad, but we got an overwhelming success on the mission (partially because I was rolling extremely well that night) which was awesome. I look forward to next Thursday's adventure, assuming we are all there to play. It is the one problem I have with RPGs in the tabletop form, if one or more persons is missing it can ruin or cancel the session, so I have seen several groups and campaigns fall apart without the adventure completing.
My Teafrog wants to play
Earlier this week I finished my Cthulhu (ok it is really an Eldritch Demon) and had this really annoying paranoia thing with working on any other paintings. Anyone else ever do that, finish a project and feel apprehension at finishing all your creative 'power' went into this project and everything else will look like crap? Even if my other stuff looks like crap, I love my tentacle monster.
Eyebrows are hard! 
I have been trying to overcome this and work on Lysette because I need to practice painting people. I was lamenting to Ben that painting faces is hard! I was sad because my very much so work in project sexy elf chick looks so amateurish, he pointed out, well yeah it is amateurish! He is right, this is the first humanoid I have painted and only the fourth thing (should I count armies as a whole?) that I have painted. I need to get some white primer so I can paint Autumn Bronzeleaf for my mom as a birthday present. I have two weeks to get my painting projects finished before I go to PA. Wish me luck guys, I am going to need it!

Speaking of painting I have run into a problem with Ben's UCM tanks and stuff from Dropzone Commander. He wanted them to look like Roman Legion tanks (part of his headcannon is this is an alternate reality where the Roman Empire never awesome idea!) and of course I was all for that. He said he wanted them to look battered and war torn while maintaining their bright reds and gold. After I 'finished' one (still have some aging and dirtying up to do) of one of his tanks and part of his dropship he told me it was darker than he expected. The problem is I am both too much of a noob and lacking the supplies to make them brighter, the only thing I know to do is to strip the paint and start over, which I offered to do. He said I didn't need to do them and that he still liked them, but I can tell he is disappointed, which of course means I am afraid to do anymore work on them. Maybe I shouldn't have offered to paint his units until I was more experienced.
Hello green friend!

Last, but not least, of my weekly rambling, I found a bug. I am not entirely sure what it is, it looks like some form of Katydid, but as to exactly which type I am torn. It could be a Common Conehead or possibly a Forked Tailed Bush Katydid, or maybe something else entirely! I am way out of practice with insect identification, especially in this region, I am more familiar with the east coast. If you have a random bug you want IDed, is a really good starting point. Whatever this creature with pretty eyes and vibrant green-ness is, I was happy to see it when I was checking the mail
Espeon stole my box while I was trying to clean :P

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