Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fashionista Tea: Organic Fashionista Blend, A Tea Review

So yeah, that feeling better I talked about yesterday, it was really short lived. This is immensely frustrating to me because instead of heading out to board game night at Tabletop, I am quickly blogging and curling up in bed with every intent of not moving. I feel things would be a lot better for little ol' me if I could get this headache that has been plaguing me to go away and stay away for more than an hour. This is not terribly abnormal for me, I occasionally get terrible headaches that can last for weeks sometimes, I just hope this is a short lived cluster of head pain, wish me luck everyone.

Needing something pretty and caffeinated, I decided to review Fashionista Tea's Organic Fashionista Blend, I am enamored with this company. Their whole schtick is using Fair Trade and Organic materials to create fashion inspired tea, and even though my fashion sense is...well, it is unique, I have always loved watching the changing trend of high fashion. This particular tea is a blend of Organic and Fair Trade black teas, Organic Rose Petal, Organic Lavender, Organic Orange Peel, and Natural Flavor, blended to be a reminder of Paris. Sadly I will just have to take their word for it, since I have never tasted, sniffed, or seen Paris, though I am told it is very nice. Ok, if Paris smells like this, I am moving there right now, pack my bags and ready the long-range catapult. The aroma is creamy sweet and floral, with notes of vanilla and cocoa, with roses, lavender, and a hint of oranges and malt. It is super rich and sweet, bordering on decadent.

Mmm steeping this tea is a treat, it smells so good, I love the dessert like sweetness that blends with the floral notes, extra points for being my two favorite flowers to have in tea. The light notes of orange give the rich leaves a bit of brightness, waking up the aroma and keeping it from getting too heavy. The liquid carries on the vanilla and chocolate legacy with rose and lavender, and of course a bit of orange at the finish.

Ok, that was exactly the taste I needed, the perfect blend of sweet and floral. It starts out with vanilla and roses, then moves to lavender and chocolate, with a finish of brisk oak wood and oranges. None of the notes clash, they blend together quite well while maintaining an air of delicate sophistication. I can certainly see the Paris connection, it would not be a stretch of the imagination to envision some fashionista sipping this at an outdoor cafe while watching the city. For anyone who might be scared off by the lavender (I have heard many say that it tastes like soap) it is very mild and quite enjoyable.

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