Saturday, October 25, 2014

Meet My Tea Gear: South Carolina Edition

So, my family and I are notorious thrift store and bargain hunters, we love spending all day popping from store to store hunting the most awesome things to add to our stash. I usually go to thrift stores hunting one thing (when I am not looking for clothes) tea gear, most of my tea gear has come from secondhand places, and I love it! This is going to be a show off of all the new tea gear (or things that will be used as tea gear) that I found while visiting South Carolina. I will be sad to leave tomorrow, and not just because I have to get up at 5am!

First up (and excuse the less than stellar photography, but I am traveling and using a bench as a desk) is this adorable little teacup and saucer set. I have been hunting a nice set for a while, all of my teacups lack saucers, and that seems wrong. This is Tulip by Sango, and I love the gold gilding.
My mom and grandmother both hated me a little for finding this first, it is a super tiny gaiwan! It has no markings so I will certainly have my work cut out for me researching this thing's age and where exactly it came from. You all know me, I will love the challenge of finding out this gaiwan's origins. 
So, when my grandmother found this basket for me, I originally thought it was a food basket, and decided it would be neat for carrying tea gear around. After noticing that it had a "made in Shanghai" and a delightfully vintage feel, I decided to research it. Turns out it is a Wedding Basket, a tradition that is part of Chinese weddings that I was unaware existed. I am still going to use it to carry tea gear and snacks places though, it is perfect for it!
Meet my new tea bowl! I am going to use it as a chawan, it is the perfect size and shape for it, plus I have a desire to have one for each season and this is perfect for summer. I once visited a wetlands park that had a lake filled with lotus flowers, the aroma of their blooms in summer was beautiful. 
This is the last little friend procured from thrifting. It was a gift from my mom and I know it is probably an Irish Coffee cup, but you know, I like strangely shaped cups. Sadly there is also a new tray that I will be using for tea, but I forgot to take a picture of it and it is already packed up in the car. It is a delightfully vintage tray with inlaid coral and abalone shell in the pattern of tropical fish. I am very enamored of it even if it is really beat up and needs some repairs. Hopefully there will be a post tomorrow, we will be on the road all day and I might be too tired to write when we get home, if so see you all on Monday!


  1. That gaiwan and wedding basket were great finds! I never seem to have luck around here. My mother did win me some occupied japan teacups at a card party though :)

    1. That is tragic! I would be lost without my thrift store finds, I wish you luck in further hunting :) Also very cool about the cups, that is so awesome!

  2. I love them all. I think the basket is perfect to carry tea bits in. I really like my tea cups to have gold guilding too. I love charity shopping for clothes and teaware. I collected vintage tea cups and some tea pots for my wedding and it went from there. When you are settled I'd love to see a photo of the tray!