Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Musing Local Edition, A Day of Gaming

So this week's Saturday Musing is going to be a bit different since I have had a crap week and do not have much in the way of musing this week. As readers of this blog have probably figured out by now, I spend every Thursday evening (and a lot of other time too) at Tabletop Game & Hobby, an awesome local game shop catering to the more traditional side of nerdity.

This place is just great, not only has my shy little self met many people I enjoy talking to and interacting with (let that sink in) I have also been introduced to some amazing new games. Today I was in the shop to watch a Dystopian Wars tournament, but alas they were one person short of a full tournament so they just played an epic three army vs three army battle.

Ben and I were originally going to field an army (ok it was going to be his army I painted) but alas, medical expenses kept us from getting the models, definitely planning to have armies soon. I have mostly decided on Raj with British support, but I am not 100% sold on it yet since it is out of the norm of my usual play. Ben however cannot decide on what faction to go with, on the one hand Antarctica fits his play style, but he wants a faction with real history and not just all fantasy, I totally get that, but Antarctica is really cool.

Tabletop is not just a store, it is also has a HUGE game room, bigger than the Source, well the old one, I am told their new location is massive. Clearly I need a field trip to the Twin Cities to judge this for myself. One of my favorite things is this awesome table with an apocalypse terrain set out, there are pits filled with skulls. Really, where did all those skulls come from!! Inside the game room is also a painting table, it has some of the best lighting ever, and on Thursdays when I want to absorb the atmosphere but don't want to interact I tend to paint and game watch.

But really, the star of the show is the shop cat, Toebias! For a while I was having allergy problems (boy cat saliva enzymes make my asthma go crazy) but with my new inhaler I can be there for hours before I start hacking. Of course I could probably stay longer if I avoided the toe monster (as I lovingly call him since he is a polydactyl cat) but he is so mellow and sweet I can't not cuddle him. So that is Tabletop, my favorite place in Kansas City, and the first 'hangout' place I have found since living in Atlanta as a young teenager, if you are ever in the area and looking for a great place to game then I cannot recommend it enough.

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