Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Musing: A Week In Pictures

What a crazy, non-stop, week it has been for me...and it seems it is just a prequel since on Monday I am leaving for South Carolina for a week with my awesome grandparents! Other than the obvious soaking up some Southern hospitality (and gorging on food) I plan on scoping out some local tea places (including a tea plantation) to visit, add a little tea traveling to the blog! Well, me being me, I have snapped a few pictures of this week's insanity, so come along on a little adventure!

Twilight Imperium is not a game, it is an experience...we all loved it and plan on playing it more, luckily the guys get to play it in November, while I have to wait until January! It was a great sending off, especially since I brought brownies.

I was a little lax with my photography on the train, the first leg from Kansas City to Chicago I spent sleeping, then from Chicago to Pittsburgh it was night and I also spent it sleeping. Trains just always put me to sleep. The first time we stopped at a tiny train stop in Pennsylvania, I had to snap a photo of the fog covered mountains.

Just a short distance from Harrisburg, my first view of my much loved Susquehanna River (yes, it is mine) with its constant tendency to be high up. My mom and I have a great inside joke that involves saying 'the river is up' and I take great pride in getting to say it before she did. 

My mom is so awesome, she set me up a desk involving this great tray for all my tea gear (and some of hers I am borrowing) and all my crafty stuff. I tend to take over an area when I visit, so she thought ahead and set up one for me. 

On the way home from one of our outings we saw a beautiful rainbow at sunset. It has been pretty rainy here the whole time, I have had very little need for my sunglasses, which I have enjoyed.

A new little teapot friend! It is so tiny and artisan made, the signature is from April of 1988, making it a little younger than me. It will be a good gongfu teapot when I do not want to use one of my yixings. 

I have never, in all my years of mushroom hunting, seen a patch of Amanita Muscaria v. Formosa this big and this well formed!! My mom was turning into the driveway of my dear friend's (ok really, she is my adopted sister at this point) house and yelled at her to stop the car so I could leap out and examine it. I brought the big cap home for spore printing. 

Luckily, Sheena (the aforementioned friend with the mushroomy driveway) has a pair of adorable dude cats, meaning I will be able to get a kitty fix while I am away from my girls. This lovely gent is Gandalf the Grey. 

While lifting up a mushroom covered stump to examine the underside I found a Redback Salamander, I honestly cannot tell you all the last time I saw a salamander. Not wanting to crush it by accident I nudged it under the leaves. 

Lastly there is this amazing fungus! I have seen a fair share of beautiful purple mushrooms, but this one stumps me utterly. I brought the entire stump back to my mom's in hope that I can ID this thing. I believe it may be Phanerochaete crassa, but I am very far from sure. I do love a mystery! And so that is my week, I will be back to tea tomorrow with a visit to a local tea shop. 


  1. I think I've played Twilight Imperium. I remember liking it.

  2. I really love how your Mom set up your area. :) Why is she so awesome like that?? Cute cat!! ;) <3