Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Musings: Minecraft Pocket Edition

Just a heads up to my awesome readers, before I start my usual Saturday rambling, I might not have an updated blog until Wednesday. I leave for a three month trip on Tuesday morning (at way too early, really Amtrak? 6am is not a decent depart time) and will be spending my last couple days cramming as much hangout time with my friends and Ben before I leave and making sure last minute travel prep is done. I hope to have a travel blog written when I am bumming around the Chicago train station, but WiFi there is pretty spotty, at least on my previous trips through it has been. If I get stranded at the Pittsburgh station (apparently there are possible delays and I might miss my next train) I will probably hunt down a WiFi hotspot to share my adventures. So, with that little announcement, it is off to gaming!
Still need to learn how to do a screen-shot

With my new Kindle Fire came the inevitable (and much anticipated) purchase of Minecraft Pocket Edition! It has some pros, cons, and some serious nostalgia. With alpha-esque lack of hunger bars, zombies dropping feathers, and the original damage sounds, it reminds me of the good old days. Which is hilarious since the only way I know of the good old days is from watching old Let's Plays (especially Etho's) but it just feels nostalgic, plus when I was first playing on the Xbox there was the great damage sound. It is just a lot more visceral than the stupid ticking damage sounds.
Yep, definitely going to move into the Mesa
Of course there are some cons, some of which I am sure will get fixed in future updates. Like not having the ability to sprint or crouch, I have fallen off of so many things and had problems building because of not being able to crouch. This goes along with my other complaint, I really am not a fan of the controls, granted I have no idea how they could make it better because it is using a tablet rather than a controller or keyboard, but going from that mindset to a touch screen setup is like learning how to play the game all over again. Of course this very much so can just be a 'me' thing, I have always found learning the controls of a new game (just like new rules systems in a RPGs and Board Games) is the hardest part for me. Of course constantly wiping finger prints off my screen is driving me crazy, but I am mildly OCD about things like that, getting a stylus might help me with that.
Who needs to visit the Grand Canyon? I have Minecraft for that!

The many! There are Mesas, flowers, infinite many good things. Mainly I am flabbergasted by the infinite worlds, how come my Kindle Fire can have an infinite world but my Xbox 360 can't, hmmmm? Mainly the things I like the most are all the PC features that I can access, since I have a garbage computer and have to rely on the box of X and its insanely long space between updates. At least with PC you can play on snapshots, with Xbox players we don't get that luxury, half the time we don't even know what they are working on! Enough of me being a cranky gamer, the best thing about Minecraft PE is its portability, I can lay in bed and play, I can play on the train, I can play in the bathroom, I can play while doing anything I want! No more being restricted to sitting in front of the computer or Xbox, which makes me feel so space aged. Do I recommend? Yes! Definitely yes! Now, I also have Terraria on my Kindle Fire, should I give it a reviewing too? It is now time for me to go read the 45 page rule book for Twilight Imperium, a crazy board game that can take up to 12 hours to play, it is how I will be spending my Sunday. See you all soon!

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