Monday, October 6, 2014

Simple Loose Leaf: October Subscription Box, Part One

Hmm, how to open today's blog has been a very pretty day, just warm enough to have the windows open and just cool enough to snuggle under a blanket. I am still not entirely well, saying I am sick is not true, but I am certainly not at all well. I am understandably frustrated about this, I can just try my best to relax while preparing for a three months trip. The real question is not will I feel better in time for my trip, but have I packed enough tea? Priorities! Today's review is part one of two reviewing Simple Loose Leaf's October Subscription Box. I decided to brew all of them Western Style, so the breakup of how I reviewed these teas is totally random.

Spiced Pu'er

Nothing says cool weather like teas that are spiced, at least in my humble opinion. This particular spicy blend is made from Pu'er, Cinnamon Bark, Natural Spice Flavor, Orange Peel, Ginger Root, Aniseed, and Safflower. The aroma of the dried leaves is a blend of orange spice, chai, and Christmas spices, it smells really good, if you are in to really strong spices and an underlying citrus and earthy notes! The aroma of the brewed tea is incredibly spicy, lots of cinnamon and ginger with a sharp note of orange and a rich earthiness. My tea area smells like Christmas, Christmas just always smells very spicy to me.

The taste is surprisingly sweet, not what I was expecting from a Pu'er, call me pleasantly surprised. It is a warm and tingly tea, like being wrapped up in a blanket fresh from the dryer, but inside of your stomach, it has a blend of bright orange and rich spices, with an earthy finish. The earthy notes from the pu'er give a heaviness to this tea, it makes me want to go sleep after drinking it.

Hojicha Green

Woo, Hojicha! Probably one of my favorite roasted teas, coincidentally it was also my first roasted tea, discovered so long ago that I cannot remember in the last 15 years I wasn't drinking it. This particular Hojicha appears very stick-heavy, but is not listed as a Kukicha, so maybe I just got lucky (I like sticks) and won the Kukicha lottery. The aroma is very distinctly roasted with notes of toast, a touch of smoke, a bit of burnt wood, and a slightly sweet finish. Brewing the tea is INTENSE, lots of strong roasted notes, like popcorn and toast with a burnt stick finish.

Tasting time! The taste starts out with strong toast and roasted tea taste, this moves into smoky sticks and brunt marshmallows. Of all the Hojicha I have had, this one is the first that combines the delicate sweetness of a slightly roasted Hojicha and the really intense almost smokiness of a charcoal roasted Hojicha, it is really quite balanced. Also, burnt marshmallow is a great note to have in tea.


  1. Please tell me your trip involves tea! Safe travels.

    1. It does! The only really tea centric event that I will be having is visiting the Bigelow Plantation in South Carolina when I visit my Grandparents, the rest of the time I will be introducing my mom and friends to a wide world of totally random teas. Thank you :D