Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Simple Loose Leaf: October Subscription Box Part Two

Guess who might be getting a Kindle Fire for an early birthday present tomorrow? I am so excited, it will be a used first generation, but it will be such a great accompaniment for my trip! I will be able to play Minecraft Pocket Edition (how come they get infinite worlds, but the Xbox still doesn't, so lame) and Summoner Wars, my favorite video game and board game. Of course I will be reading on it and using it for music too, which is awesome. Before I start covering today's teas, Simple Loose Leaf is having a little Giveaway to celebrate the launch of their new format. So, onto the other teas in this month's box!

Yunnan Jig

Woo! A fuzzy tea from Yunnan, it is not a super fuzzy tea, I would put this solidly in the middle on the scale of fuzz. The aroma is quite sweet, with notes of plum and berries with a touch of roasted peanut and a very strong kick of malt at the finish. Giving these leaves a good steeping bring out a brightness that was not present in the dry leaves, of course it is still very fruity sweet and malty. The liquid without its (not so) fuzzy friends is mild, fruity sweet and malty.

The taste is quite mild, there are notes of dried fruit and malt with a really bright finish. It makes for a good wake up tea that is sweet and not too harsh. Once the tea cools it becomes even sweeter and takes on a slight smokiness. I have no complaints, but I have never met a Yunnan tea I did not enjoy.

White Pear

I have a confession, I am a little afraid of this tea, I have never had a pear tea that I liked, probably because pear is my favorite fruit. Hands down. So take this review with that little caveat. The aroma does not bolster my enthusiasm, it smells like cucumbers, a bit of honeydew melon, and pear candies...specifically those pear gummy bears in a bag of Amazing Fruits. Brewed there is still a strong candy and cucumber aroma, but with a sour apple tinge as well.

Ok, steeling my nerves, down the hatches it goes...and it is not terrible. It tastes like pear candy, that is certain, it is not like biting into a fresh pear. Luckily since it tastes like candy that also means it is very sweet, like honey and a bit of melon. The finish is refreshingly cucumber with a touch of fresh leaves. This was not my favorite tea ever, but I am not hating it and have no problem finishing my cup.


So this one is a little hard to review, because it is peppermint! It smells exactly how you expect it to smell, very minty, my sinuses are cleared and my throat feels cool. As to be expected I feel quite refreshed. Once steeped my whole room smells like mint, my cats keep sniffing around at it for some strange reason, silly cats.

Tasting the tea, well, it is mint! It is cooling, slightly sweet, and fresh very similar to eating a mint leaf. This would be a good ingredient if you want to blend it with other teas since it is a fresh mint. Also good for sipping if you have a cold or a belly ache.

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