Thursday, November 13, 2014

52Teas: Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Black Tea, A Tea Review

So, I realized I have developed a bit of a backlog with tea tasting notes, since I only review one tea a day...and I drink a lot more, well it makes sense that my notebooks are filled with older notes. I do not want to neglect these teas, but the teas I am sent to review take precedent over teas I receive as gifts, buy for myself, or get in trades, it just seems polite. So, once a week I am cracking open the 'vault' and reviewing a tea from my older notebooks, sadly this does mean some of the photos are not the best. So glad I finally discovered the sweet spot for taking tea pictures, who knew I would have to rely on flash photography!

Today we are taking a look at 52Teas's Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Black Tea, no this tea is not exactly from 2010, I got my sample when I supported their Indiegogo campaign last year. I had heard a lot about 52Teas on Steepster and wanted to try a lot of their teas, but since Frank creates a new tea every week, usually once they are gone they are gone (unless you can trade for them on Steepster or get them from traveling tea boxes) so this was a perfect opportunity to crack into twelve of their most popular blends, and this was the one I tried first. The aroma is really sweet, it smells just like one of those vending machine danishes (I don't think I have ever had any other kind of danish actually) there is intense blueberry notes with a hint of cream cheese and a touch of yeastiness like pastry. Add a touch of malty tea and it reminds me of drinking tea and having a vending machine pastry while waiting for my train. Very specific memory there, the Pittsburgh train station to be exact.

Once I give the tea a steeping the aroma of the leaves is really quite brisk, you can certainly tell it is an Indian black tea because of that distinct oak wood, malty, briskness that always comes to mind (at least for me) when sniffing it. There is also a nice burst of blueberries and a tiny hint of the other flavors present in the dry leaves. The liquid is rich and sweet, a nice brisk blend of malt and blueberry with a tiny hint of yeasty pastry at the finish.

The taste is fairly mild, a bit of malt and oak wood (like one expects from an Indian black tea) and a bit of sweet and slightly tart blueberries, much like blueberry jam. I decided to give this tea a try with some cream and sugar to see if it made any of the flavors pop, I can detect a bit of creaminess and a touch of a pastry like taste, but really this tea left me a tad bit underwhelmed. It is by no means bad, just did not knock my socks off as I had hoped. I guess the same can be said about the danishes I have had as well, maybe a real not from a vending machine danish is mild too. But even though this tea left me going 'meh' Frank's imagination and blends always make me smile, especially the geeky reference teas.

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