Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Bit of Geeky Rambling: Saturday's Musing

I realize my Saturdays have drifted off course a bit since I came out to Pennsylvania (and my side trip to South Carolina) because as much as I love my people in this side of the country, they are not gamers. Ok, that is not true, Dusty is a gamer, but he is a video gamer more than a board gamer or RPGer. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I mean I spend huge chunks of time playing Minecraft! I am just used to geeking out over new games from game nights and awesome crafting projects, and both of those have gone to the wayside a bit.
Dusty got a sticker and gave it to me to add to my collection :P
Which is nonsense! Time to talk about gaming! Halo: The Master Chief Collection just came out and oh man, is that a disaster. Dusty is a long time Halo player, my mom and I are long time Halo watchers. Oddly neither of us play it, but we love watching Dusty kill dudes (be killed by dudes) and of course all tea-bagging, insults, and general insanity that is Halo. The three of us gathered on the couch ready for some nostalgic Halo action...and boy is the music and background on the matchmaking screen pretty. Really, I think of the time we spent watching Halo, 85% of it has been waiting for a match, this is one of the biggest launch screw-ups I have seen in a while. Really lovely music though, an endless loop of Gregorian chanting.
Support the Show!
But we don't just sit around watching Dusty play FPSs, we also watch random videos, sometimes Rooster Teeth, sometimes Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, and also the awesome series Doraleous & Associates. I was familiar with the creator's other series Mob Squad and Battlefield Friends (both of which I love, especially Mob Squad) so finding out about a series dedicated to the Fantasy Genre made me rather excited. Yeah, I loved it, the characters are awesome, the stories are fantastic, and the jokes had me spewing tea out my nose multiple times. Also, Neebs, he might be my favorite thing in the show (and ever) and I am so tempted to make my next RPG character inspired by him. Sad thing is I am pretty sure the other players and the DM would kill me (and in the game.) I mean how can you not love an elf with a mullet?
Witches Brew Smoothie and Origami
So yeah, that has been my nerdy side lately. I plan on working on some origami soon, I am a bit worried because my hands have been giving me problems lately, but I am hoping the pain is from being out of practice and not my carpal tunnel syndrome acting up. Wish me luck! Also painting will happen soon too, I got my hands on some sweet vintage miniatures and my mom gave me access to her paints, just waiting on my brushes to arrive.
That is some Klockenbooty

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