Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nepali Tea Traders: Himalayan Masala Spiced Black Tea Blend, A Tea Review

Alright guys, let's see how awesome my phone actually is, because yours truly does not feel like dealing with crowds today. The library is always crowded on weekends, and those crowds are all angling for the computer.

Today's tea comes from Nepali Tea Traders and their #steepedin campaign that sent out many free samples, so it is fitting that I am using my phone to review it, pictures and all! Himalayan Masala Spiced Black Tea Blend is an Autumn Flush blended with spices and I am pretty sure Holy Basil, it certainly smells like it. And of course speaking of smell, the aroma of the tea (which came to me in a pyramid bag, but the material inside looked like quality tea, so I opened it up) is quite yummy, mixing the fairly song holy basil with fennel, sweet spices, pepper and warmed raisins. It has a very warming quality along with being somewhat refreshing, probably the fennel doing that.

Well, my room smells like spices now, always fun! The aroma of the wet leaves is warm and spicy, a blend of sweet fennel, honey, raisins, pepper, and a gentle finish off holy basil. The tea itself, well the liquid part anyway, has a brisk quality to it, along with warm spices and a distinct fennel finish. 

I decided to forgo my usual cream and sugar, I just felt like these spices needed to be appreciated without the milk fat and extra sweetness, plus, I was not in the mood for cream, weird I know. So, tasting, it starts out with a decent level of sweetness from the fennel and spices along with a mild and enjoyable briskness. This transitions into a nicely mild spice blend, the cinnamon and cardamom give a warmth too the whole sipping experience. At the finish there is holy basil and its herbaceous taste lingers for quite a while finishing the tea with a cooling quality, exactly what I would expect from a tea from Nepal!

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  1. sounds good! i haven't tried any Nepal teas - something tp put on my to drink list.