Sunday, February 15, 2015

Simple Loose Leaf Co-Op Box Day 2: Lemongrass Herbal., Lapsang Souchong, and Mint Chamomile Rooibos, A Tea Review

Happy Lupercalia, I do not have any really Roman or wolf themed teas for today, so instead I am carrying on where I left off the other day with part 2 of Simple Loose Leaf's Co-op Box! It is a blend of black tea and herbal teas for today, so let us get to it!

Lemongrass Herbal

So, remember how I used to hate lemongrass in tea and recently found out that by itself it makes a pretty fantastic sipping experience? Well it is deja vu time because here is Lemongrass Herbal tea, though this one has a slightly sweeter tone than the previous one I had, which is neat. It smells like lemon juice, a bit of lemon leaves, and a touch of flower nectar sweetness. Brewing them up brings an aroma of lemony sweetness and a bit of fresh hay.

The tea itself is delightfully sweet and lemony, like a mix of lemonade, a touch of fresh hay, and a distant floral note. I am still enjoying lemongrass as its own little entity in tea, apparently it is good for digestive woes. I did drink this after feeling ill (I over indulged in chocolate, like I do) and it did settle my stomach, plus it is mild enough that drinking it if you feel a bit queasy is not unpleasant.

 Mint Chamomile Rooibos

Just looking at the name of this tea, I knew I was going to want to drink it before I went to sleep, it is my favorite use for herbal teas after all. This one is a blend of Rooibos, Chamomile, Mint, and Natural Vanilla flavoring, opening the bag I am greeted with the aroma of straw-like flowers that is chamomile, vanilla, woody caramel that is rooibos, and a gentle coolness of mint at the finish. I like that the mint does not slap me in the face like some blends with mint can do.

Brewing the tea is very similar, with a fairly equal blend of Chamomile, Rooibos, and Vanilla, with mint being the least noticeable of the notes. This tea tastes delicious! It is a blend of chamomile and vanilla at the front, this transitions to woody sweet rooibos. and lastly a mild hint of mint. I really like how I didn't really detect any mint until the end, it was very refreshing and cooling on my insides.

Lapsang Souchong

Yay! A smoky tea, in fact it is THE smoky tea, the one that started it all, Lapsang Souchong. Black tea smoked over a pine fire, imbuing the leaves with its smoky essence. The aroma of this one is certainly smoky, though honestly I am not getting much of the usual piney camp fire in this one, I am getting more of a smoked meat aroma. There are also notes of leather and malt, an interesting smelling tea. Brewing it up I notice that the notes of smoke loose some of their meatiness and have more of a liquid smoke aroma, along with maltiness and a touch of sweetness.

So, I once said I never met a Lapsang Souchong I didn't like, and sadly I think I have to change my opinion on that. This tea tasted like liquid smoke, beef jerky, and malt. It has a bitter finish that I was not most fond of, so I foisted it off on Ben who was also not a fan but wanted tea and drank it anyway. I am not quite sure what went wrong, pretty much immediately after drinking this tea I developed a splitting headache, so maybe it was something wrong with me, since I am not sure I am ready to admit I did not like a Lapsang.


  1. Perhaps that lapsang was flavored with artificial smoke flavoring which is sprayed on the leaves, rather than actual pine smoke. That was my first experience with lapsang souchong and I hated it! Then I was informed of the difference and was offered the real thing and could not believe the difference! I had an excellent natural one from Tea Classico.

    1. I was wondering if that was something that was done, seems I have been lucky up until now and all the Lapsangs I have had have been legitimately smoked. Liquid smoke is one of those things that has triggered a headache in the past, it all makes sense...and also is kinda eww.

      I shall keep Tea Classico in mind :) my current favorite is probably Black Dragon from Upton Tea, it is delightfully piney and smoky! Thank you for the suggestion and the heads up about fake Lapsangs!

  2. Wow! I have a shell just like that and I took some photos of it yesterday! :-)