Friday, February 6, 2015

Tea Leaf Co: Jubilee, A Tea Review

So, I went to the doctors yesterday, mostly a maintenance visit, but also in hopes that he could do something about my insomnia (previous treatment had stopped working) and to send to me an allergy specialist. Both things worked wonderfully, I have a referral and some fancy new medicine to make me go night-night. I have mixed feelings on the meds themselves, on the one hand I slept for 14 hours (wow!) but on the other the act of falling asleep was rather unpleasant, so we shall see how that goes. My reason for sharing this with you is because I only woke up an hour ago, and hopefully this blog won't be too loopy sounding!

So, today we are looking at Jubilee! No, not the (kinda terrible) X-men character who is rarely useful (especially if you are getting your info from the 90s animated show) but TeaLC's colorful herbal blend. One thing this tea has in common with that Jubilee is the colorful fireworks in the tea, or at the very least a colorful blend of (all organic) Green Rooibos, Rose Petals, Mango Pieces, Calendula, Orange Peel, Apple Pieces, and Natural Essence. I am a sucker for colorful herbal teas, something about blending vibrant flower and fruit bits just makes me happy, which is probably the reason I would do just that as a kid with flowers from my mom's garden, sometimes I would get really lucky and end up with a tasty tea. The aroma of this blend is a mixture of flowers, fruit, and Green Rooibos, which smells and tastes very different from its red counterpart, it has a sweet honey and straw aroma, with just a tiny hint of grass. The rose aroma blends well with the mango and citrus, giving the tea a tropical feel.

Giving the tea a steeping in my tea apparatus, the aroma that drifts out with the steam is much rosier and fruitier, with mango taking center stage, after this initial burst of sweet honey and freshly mown straw. The liquid is sweet and very heavy in the citrus department, along side this strong orange note is rose and straw, it smells quite fun, like a summer garden party.

I was pleasantly surprised by how delicate this tea is, but that seems to be the case every time I drink a blend with Green Rooibos, I am so used to Rooibos being so strong that its delicate green side surprises me. The taste starts as a delicate blend of roses and straw with a touch of honey sweetness, this transitions to sweet oranges and a touch of mango. This touch of mango gradually builds into a heavy mango explosion as it finally ends the sip, as expected the mango lingers as the aftertaste for quite a while, no complaints here since mangoes are one of my favorite fruits. So yes, even though this tea shares its name with a very lame (though useful at summer parties) X-men character, it is memorable and enjoyable.

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