Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Young Mountain Tea: A New White Tea from India's Himalayas, A Kickstarter Feature

Once in a while I have something interesting brought to my attention, ok that is a lie, I run into interesting stuff all the time, it just is not necessarily relevant to this pile of rambling. This particular bit of interesting comes in the form of a brand new Kickstarter campaign, and since I am not one to hoard interesting information, I shall share it with you all in a little feature!

Young Mountain Tea: A New White Tea from India's Himalayas is a campaign by the Young Mountain Tea Company, and you guessed right from the title, it is all about White tea and gloriously tall mountains in India. Specifically they are creating Bai Mu Dan (or White Peony) in the Kumaon Region of the Himalayas. This area is right in the foothills of the Himalayas (I find myself wondering what the foothills of the Himalayas is like in comparison to the only mountains I know, the Appalachians) very close to the Nepal border. I have had Silver Needle from Nepal and loved it, so I would love to try some Bai Mu Dan from Kumaon, but I love seeing how terroir affects teas. 

There are a lot of companies out there that offer single estate teas that help the environment and create a fair trade working environment for the people who put immense amounts of work into creating the teas, and that makes me happy! You can all see where this is going, there was something else that caught my eye and got me really excited, and that was their commitment to preserving culture. I am all for the advancement of civilization, but I am always saddened when I see traditional culture lost or forgotten about, especially in more rural places where the younger generations leave for the cities for work. Hooray for preserving traditional cultures!

Another thing I liked about this campaign was how upfront they were with both the expected budget and timeline along with risks and challenges. I think this might be the most open about those things Kickstarter campaign I have run into (granted most the campaigns I ogle are gaming related, so that could be why) I appreciate that level of transparency. I will be watching this campaign with great interest and hope I can scrounge together some green to support it myself! 

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