Saturday, March 21, 2015

3 Leaf Tea: Basic Grade Matcha (Unflavored), A Tea Review

So, I am pretty sure I have no life anymore, and by no life I mean that I have devoted every moment I am not 'teaing' to gaming. Ben coerced me into being a playtester for Seafall, an age of sail legacy game, and we have to (along with some friends of course) playtest 15 games in 10 weeks. On top of that I have decided to pick up at least one more wargame, and god help me I think it might be Warhammer 40K. Everyone knew it would only be a matter of time! Oh awesome! I am listening to Pandora and the 'dancing Turian song' came on, meaning yes, I HAD to go watch it, I suggest everyone go watch the dancing Turian and be in awe of his sweet moves.

Yeah, I am in a rambling mood today, not much sleep and lots of tea do that to me, so speaking of tea, Matcha time! 3 Leaf Tea's Basic Grade Matcha (Unflavored) which is the base Matcha of their flavored Matcha, I figure it would be best to give this a tasting as well as a flavored one, for comparison. The aroma of the nicely green powder is very green, with notes of fresh hay, cut grass, a bit of kale and vegetal notes. The finish is sweet and a bit robust, in my head it is more of a summer aroma rather than a spring aroma, if that makes sense. Whisking the Matcha brings out a definite rich green aroma coming up from the vigorously frothed tea, this is a very green Matcha, and I can see why it is used as a base!

I decided to just have a go with this Matcha traditionally, mainly because I was out of milk (oops) and really was not in the mood for a latte, as much as I love cream and milk fats I just don't like consuming them too often, and I am going to have one tomorrow (spoilers). So this is a robust Matcha, it seems a bit 'manly' with a strong green presence. It starts out with kale and spinach and then moves to sweet fresh hay and cut grass. This is definitely a Matcha I can see myself drinking with a big meal or on a day when I want to feel strong from my tea. This sounds a little odd, but to me Matcha is a tea that has very strong personalities, depending on the Matcha itself, which means I really used the wrong bowl for it, but oh well. Like I said earlier, I can certainly see why this is a the base for flavoring, it has a strong enough presence that flavoring it will not bog down the Matcha itself, that way you can still taste the green along with the flavor.

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