Sunday, March 22, 2015

3 Leaf Tea: Blueberry Matcha, A Tea Review

You know, I am a bad geek, maybe. I have a fancy kindle fire just loaded with books, but I have not read much lately. Each night when I settle into bed, my kindle is there waiting for me, but instead of reading I play games. I have been lately addicted to Plague Inc (though that game has been frustrating me immensely) Mini Warriors (it is tempting to throw all the moneys at this game, it is so much fun) and Townsmen (even if I find the description of women spend all day at the market and men do all the work rather tasteless) I dabble with a few others, but those are the big time sinks.

So today is the last of my Matcha weekend binge, and I finish off with Blueberry Matcha from 3 Leaf Tea, and fun fact, I used to be hardcore addicted to blueberry green tea, I went from consuming a lot of it to it being a fun nostalgic treat. Mainly I gave it up because my favorite one is nigh impossible to get, ugh! Like the Orange Matcha I had the other day, the aroma of the green pile of powder is only faintly the flavor, like having a pile of Matcha sitting next to a pile of blueberry waffles and fresh blueberries. The Matcha is both sweet and grassy, very green, which I think compliments the Blueberry aroma. Adding water and whisking it really brings out the blueberry notes, it has a tiny bit of tartness to the aroma, much like blueberries have at times, but it also has that super sweet blueberry jam note that I love.

And again, like the Orange Matcha, the Blueberry Matcha is really quite tasty as a traditional whisked up bowl of tea. The blueberry taste is fairly light, like eating a mouthful of blueberries and then drinking Matcha. It is green, grassy, with fresh hay and growing things. The finish is where most the blueberry taste it, and it lingers into the aftertaste.

Yay, there is milk, meaning I am making a latte! I have a wicked sore throat (thank you allergies, or whatever, maybe just breathing in the raining tree pollen is irritating my throat) so a bit of creamy cold sweetness sounds perfect. Well, it is delicious, as expected, like a Matcha latte but with a scoop of fresh blueberries and blueberry jam, which is great by me. See, I love blueberries, but I really hate tart blueberries, give me those super sweet juicy ones any day. Adding sugar and making it into a latte gives it a bit of that blueberry candy taste, but I am ok with that (turns out it is one of my favorite candy flavors) and it works well with the greenness of the Matcha. I really liked the blueberry, but I am pretty sure the orange stole my heart.


  1. I know the feeling on being a bad geek. My bedside has quite a few books laying on it (four of which I am "actively" reading, a few of which are finished and several up next), but right now I'm playing Path of Exile :|

    It's usually better between semesters, as I can get the gaming out of the way fairly early and still get a chapter or two done before crashing hard, but not always. Worse is I swear what I read leaks out at about the same rate it goes in.

    1. I am glad I am not the only one! Managing time is so hard, especially when I have so many interest and most of them take up A LOT of time! Especially my recent obsession with painting, that is a crazy time sink.

      I am hoping that once the Dropzone League is finished and I have my army finished I can get back to some of my other interests.