Monday, March 9, 2015

Allergies, Gaming, and Youtube, a Brief Update

You guys, I had such a long day! I do not feel like I have the brain cells to devote to a blog about tea. So a little bit of a me post. My allergy test was hella weird, I had allergy receptors (or whatever the doc called them, I was pretty out of it because they gave me a breathing treatment, and let me tell you inhaling ten minutes worth of albuterol is not fun) in my nose swap, but every single one of my allergy tests came back negative. So weirdly I am not allergic to anything, the doctor is giving me a treatment for what he calls a permanent sinus infection (probably true) and thinks that is the cause of my stomach inflammation. I also am on an even more restricted diet (no chocolate, so just kill me now) and told to only drink one cup of tea a day....not going to happen, sorry doctor.

The first night of the league was awesome, I won, very unexpectedly, and my Scourge were very well received.

Lastly I want to recommend a youtube channel! A dear friend of mine has started one where he reviews games, and considering he is one of the few people whose opinions on video games I actually trust I am very excited he is sharing his opinion with the digital world. So I am not just nudging this along because he is a friend, this is a legit recommendation, if you like video games.

Now, I am going to go take a nice long relaxing soak, drink some rooibos (ok, I will cut down on caffeine a little) and go to bed!

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