Saturday, March 7, 2015

M&K's Tea Company: Tangerine Dream, A Tea Review

And my computer is back to its same old terrible refusal to connect to the internet again, well, except in brief little stints here and there. I really hate this thing, but it is what I get for rushing and getting something cheap, this is my punishment -sigh- But, whinging aside, I was able to enjoy some warm springlike weather today, the air was warm so the windows were opened, fresh air makes everything better!

So today's continuation into Oolong week is brought to us by M&K's Tea Company and their Tangerine Dream. This tea is a blend of Fenghuang Dan Cong Oolongs (specifically Mi Lan Xiang and Yu Lan Xiang) dried tangerines, tangerine peel, dried orange peel, and tangerine oil while also being coated with orange blossom extract, holy orange batman, that sounds like a citrus lover's paradise. It may be way known by now that I am very finicky about my citrus teas, I want them to taste like the fruit and not like bathroom spray, also I like them to not be black teas (sorry citrus blacks, I just never really liked you) so it was not a real shock that I had to pick up a sample of this tea. Something about mixing tangerine with Dan Cong Oolongs just sounds decadent as all get out. So, opening up the package and giving it a good sniff, and oh my, that is rather rich and citrusy sweet, lots of tangerine, like a fresh juicy tangerine sitting next to a vase of flowers. The floral notes of orange blossom, grapefruit flower (everyone should sniff that plant at least once) orchids, honeysuckles, and magnolias blend so wonderfully with the sweet tangerine notes.

I decided to go western style for this one, so into my tea alchemy device it went for steeping. The now soggy leaves and peel, and rather plump no longer dry tangerine smell delicious! Juicy citrus, heady florals, and honey sweetness mix for a surprisingly mellow aroma, this tea does not overwhelm. The liquid is immensely juicy smelling, it really is like someone sliced into a tangerine next to a bouquet of flowers and a dish of slightly warm honey. If you are into tangerine, fair warning, this might smell a bit mouthwatering.

First off, the tea is both juicy and smooth, it is an interesting effect. The citrus cause a juicy mouthwatering effect and the oolong gives a silky smooth feeling, which is a pretty fun blend of textures for my mouth. Taste-wise, ok, imagine taking a section of tangerine and popping it into your mouth and then sipping some very floral and honey sweet Dan Cong Oolong, right as the Oolong hits the mid taste you bite down on the piece of tangerine. So what started as a tiny hint of citrus blooms into very juicy, ripe, tangerine. It dances with the floral notes of the Oolong to the back of the throat and lingers long after finishing. Guys, I am going to level with you, I have purchases several of M&K's Teas and I am always struck by how clever the blends are, but this one took the cake for me, it is so delicious and I keep kicking myself for not getting more. I am going to straight up say this might be my new go-to summer time tea, I want to try cold brewing it, gongfu brewing it, grandpa steeping it, I want to see what all this tea can do, because just taking it western style was amazing!

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