Friday, March 6, 2015

Tea Leaf Co: Soul Good, A Tea Review

It has just come to my attention that this is my 500th blog post, since I only just noticed this I did not come up with an epic plan or some celebration, oops. Ok, I lied, I did celebrate, the only way I know how! I celebrated by acquiring more Scourge because I HAVE AN ADDICTION!! Also I found out who my first match is in the is the most experienced guy at Tabletop, whose PHR army I have admired for a while, and who is totally going to stomp me into oblivion. But I wanted to play against his PHR as a way to see if I wanted to take them up as a second army, so go me!

Onward to Oolong Week! Today we are having a looksie at Tea Leaf Co's (or TeaLC if you prefer) Soul Good, a blend of Oolong (of the green variety) Apple Pieces, Ginger, and Natural Essence, all of these are certified organic. I found myself rather intrigued by the idea of mixing a green oolong and apples together, fruit and flowers just sound pleasant in my mind. And the aroma is quite floral, with notes of orchid and hyacinth, and then hello chestnut and of course apples. The blend of spices and apples give it a cider feel, which is fun mixed with flowers.

I decided to do a kinda psuedo gongfu thing, mixing western and eastern steeping styles, which seems like fun with this kind of blended tea. The aroma of the soggy leaves is a blend of flowers and fruit, though not a fruit I was expecting! There is the apple and spice, orchid and...cantaloupe? This is not the first time I have had an apple tea smell like melon, so my nose did not do as big of a double take as it maybe should have. The liquid is a blend of warm apple cider, ginger, orchids, and a bit of distant melon at the finish.

The taste of this tea is an interesting thing. It starts off with a blend of sweet and tart apples, it wavers more towards tart as it moves to the midtaste, the ginger pops up in the midtaste as well. Around the end the blend of flowers and melon show back up, specifically orchid and cantaloupe, ah cantaloupe, my least favorite melon (maybe? I used to hate watermelon and now I love it, tastes are weird) but I admit that I do not hate it, it blends really well with the orchid and lingering apples. I am a bit wishy washy on this tea, I am not a fan of tart apples, so I wish it would have been all sweet, all the time, but I did really like the balance of spice and flowers.

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