Friday, May 29, 2015

Adagio Teas: White Peony, A Tea Review

OMG So Tired!!!! I got up far too early for my liking to go house hunting and such with Ben and Fish today, the house hunting was hit and miss...but the 'such' was really quite awesome. So we went for lunch at a Chinese restaurant where the waiter picked the dishes for us based on a feeling and a very general description of what we liked, and mine was delicious so congrats waiter dude. After lunch we went to the movies, but no friends, no just any movies, we saw Mad Max FURY ROAD (yes it must be shouted) I went in with high hopes (because I loved Mad Max as a kid and still do now) and they were beyond met, seriously, I think it might be my new favorite movie. I honestly cannot recommend it I need a bunch of cars and minis to make into an epic Mad Max diorama.

So today's tea is a relaxing ramble, since yours truly is exhausted, good old White Peony by Adagio Teas. Also known as Bai Mu Dan, White Peony is a fluffy leafed white tea from Fujian. I see it often listed as a good beginners white tea, since it is thought to have more flavor than some of its counterparts, not sure I agree with that opinion on flavor, but I do agree that it is a good intro tea. The aroma of the fluffy leaves is pretty mild, you really need to sniff hard to detect much of an aroma, but when you do there are notes of cucumbers, melons, and a hint of paper and sage.

Into my yixing it goes, this one is seasoned for white tea (specifically the more robust ones like Shou Mei) and I decided to go for a long steep, a whopping three minutes. The aroma of the now soggy leaves has more going on than it did when it was dry with cucumber, bitter melon, honeydew, and a tiny touch of okra at the finish. It is still mild, but less so than previous. The liquid is very sweet and surprisingly floral, with notes of wildflower, honey, melon, and a touch of cucumber at the finish.

The taste is, well, you know, it is ok. Nothing to jump up and down about, it starts off with mild notes of cucumber and celery, moves along to hay and wildflowers in the middle, and finishes with melon (honeydew in specific) and lettuce. It is super mild, I would like to think my palate is somewhat refined, but I had to really work to find much here. I did enjoy my cup of it, it was mild and relaxing, though it is certainly far from my favorite Bai Mu Dan.

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