Friday, May 22, 2015

The Phoenix, Rising and Reborn!

Sometimes one needs to step back from their craft, take a look at it from an outside perspective, and then go back renewed! I am kinda doing that this weekend, going to take a break from ye old tea blog and reviewing.
Not that I am losing my passion for blogging or tea, far from it, I just want a couple days to not have to think. I have been soooo fatigued lately that for the last week blogging has seemed exhausting because I am just so beat, so I am taking a few days to just relax...maybe paint, maybe game, maybe read...maybe just drink tea all day without taking detailed notes about it. I might even have a picnic! One thing I am doing is looking at a possible new house tomorrow, Ben, Fish and myself are super excited about moving in together...this one has three bedrooms and a yard, so I might get my own tea/craft/writing room AND a garden. Wish us luck!!

One last thing before I go lose myself in a big ol' pile of chips and salsa, yours truly loves structure when it comes to blogging and research, so I am giving a new spin to the blog. Sundays will once again be devoted to tea 'stuff' featuring events (hint hint, big Midwest Tea Fest post coming soon!) tea gear, tea books, and tea food. Mondays (for as long as I have the stuff) will be Matcha Mondays, featuring different Matcha. Wednesdays will continue to be What-Cha days, Thursdays will be #TBT days to slowly go through the massive backlog, and all the other days will be just normal old blog days. I still hope to do random theme weeks here and there, so if you are a fan of those they will stick around.

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