Monday, June 15, 2015

Chi Whole Leaf: Floral Herb and Chamomile, A Matcha Monday Tea Review

Today was...eventful, if you follow my instagram you probably saw that I had one doozy of a night. Luckily it passed and turned into a very long day, long in the sense of I AM REALLY TIRED!! Only a few hours sleep between me and yesterday, I have become rather loopy. Good-ish news, I went to the doctor today, he thinks my awful fatigue might be related to my meds, so we are fiddling around with some dosage to see if that helps. If not, well, he said he is stumped and we will have to do a ton of testing, personally I hope it is just the meds. The fun part of that was on the way to and after the appointment, there were loads of storms! I got some neat pictures with the phone and had to walk the long distance to the car in a torrential downpour, ever the gentleman Ben offered to bring the car around, but the walk in the rain was refreshing. Soggy Enderman to the rescue! 

Ok, before anyone gets into a tizzy, yes, I know today's teas are not technically Matcha, but calling it powdered herbs and or tea Monday sounds lame, so Monday is powdered consumables day, maybe that means I can finally find an excuse to review some hot chocolate. Recently there was a Kickstarter for new company, Chi Whole Leaf, it was successfully funded, and now I get to try their goodies. They have a pretty nifty concept, take plants and grind them up, like Matcha, you are consuming the whole plant, which makes the tasting experience a little different. First up is the vibrantly pink Floral Herb, a blend of Hibiscus, Jasmine, and Rose, two of my favorite things, and one I usually hate. Upon sniffing, the powder is mild and floral, it reminds me a little of the powdered incense I bought long ago. The rose is the dominant aroma, followed by heady jasmine, and a very delicate hibiscus. 

I decided to brew this one up cold, though not with ice because I don't want it that cold. The taste was surprisingly great, the hibiscus notes were mild and not death tart, instead they were sour almost like lemon juice. The main flavor is delicate rose and subtly sweet jasmine, both blend well with the sour hibiscus. I swear if all my hibiscus teas tasted like this I would never say I hated them again. I really liked this one, I could see myself drinking it a lot as it gets hotter, having it before bed for a light soothing sipping.

The next one I tried was the Chamomile! A blend of Chamomile, Passionflower, Lemongrass, St John's Wort, and a hint of mint. Clearly this was a tea that just begged for evening drinking, and so I did just that. The aroma is a clean blend of lemongrass sweetness and chamomile's straw and wildflower tones, with just a nice crispness of mint at the finish

At first I tried it hot and was not a huge fan, I found it was just a tiny bit bitter, though the chamomile's natural sweetness did help with that. However cold this tea was pretty fantastic, very cooling and refreshing from the mint, the lemongrass and chamomile giving it a sweet, lemony, and straw like quality. As it says on the website, the powder does not really disperse as well as the others do, but other than getting my chasen dirty, I noticed no problems with it. So far I like what I am seeing from Chi Whole Leaf

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