Friday, June 5, 2015

Phoenix Herb Company: White Peach, A #MidwestTeaFest Tea Review

Tomorrow is the day! The much awaited Midwest Tea Fest is happening tomorrow, and I am super excited. Yours truly will be at the event all day (unless I just really pass out from exhaustion, still fighting that stupid fatigue) covering it like a reporter. I plan on going to the Beautiful Taiwan tasting (Ben will be going to the Single Origin Tea's Ceylon Tasting) though it was a hard toss up between the Tealet and Beautiful Taiwan! Of course I also plan on attending a few of the presentations as well, so looking forward to reporting back on those! Really I am just super excited, I will be tweeting and istagraming(?) the event, so follow me (@soggyenderman) to get live photos and updates.

One last tea to stir the hype for the event, Phoenix Herb Company's White Peach, a blend of White Tea, Jasmine and Osmanthus Flowers, and essential oils of Tangerine, Orange Blossom, and Peach. This tea excited me because it was not a typical 'candy peach' White Tea, I really am not a fan of teas that are just white tea and flavoring because they end up tasting so fake, and not necessarily in a good way, quite often to me they taste like bathroom spray. This tea smells quite yummy, like a blend of fresh juicy peaches, essence of peach (like peach oil smells) a little bit floral and a little bit like fresh broken leaves, and a tiny hint of cucumber at the finish. Not a tea that punches you in the face with peach, it is light and sweet.

The wet leaves are super juicy and sweet, nice ripe peaches...specifically they remind me of the white 'donut peaches' that I have been known to eat myself sick with. No really, one time I ate like 20 in one sitting after work, I binged hard core. Besides the juicy fresh peaches there are notes of peach cobbler and a touch of flowers and cucumbers. The liquid is mild and sweet, notes of peach balance out pretty evenly with notes of cucumber, lettuce, hay, and a touch of pepper at the finish.

The taste is not fake! Yay! Let there be rejoicing and slurping. The taste is pretty mildly peachy, which is nice, I like my peach teas mild without a punch of peach, you know, like biting into a fresh peach rather than having a pile of them dumped on you. It is a blend of cucumber and lettuce with a distinct peachy and floral sweetness, very refreshing. I could see this tea being great iced if you are a person who is a lover of iced teas.

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