Thursday, June 11, 2015

Verdant Tea: Holy Basil Spa Blend, A #TBT Tea Review

Well, I seem to have gone full on nocturnal, I don't really mind too much since it means I get to miss the hellish day time heat (not that I sleep very well either way, ugh, I hate summer) but it limits what I can do because someone has to go and be all diurnal! Jerk. It is something I have done since I was a wee thing, much to the annoyance of my poor mom who really tried to keep my schedule sane, I just end up nocturnal(ish) during the hot times of the year. I still have my fingers crossed for a mild and stormy summer, but if not, at least there is that research that states drinking hot things keeps you cool!

You know what is sad? I have not looked at Verdant Tea in a long while, I mean really, I think it has been around a year, not really sure why either. Verdant Tea was one of the first tea companies I ordered from back when I made the leap to buying tea online, I discovered them while hunting down Oolongs! But today's tea is not an Oolong, it is Holy Basil Spa Blend, one of their Alchemy Blends , which combines Burdock Roots (Gobo!) Peppermint, Spearmint, Holy Basil (name drop) and Fennel seeds. The aroma of the rather refreshing sounding drink is intensely minty, which is expected with two different kinda of mint. With these minty notes comes sweet fennel notes, slightly savory notes of holy basil (which is also a tiny bit peppery) and a slight note of earthiness at the finish. This herbal tea is very balanced, even with all the mint, the other notes reign it it, kinda like that one rambunctious kid at a family reunion that is actually quite tolerable to be around once the other people get it to chill out.

Brewing the herbs, the tea lair was super aromatic afterwards, which is always nice. The aroma is pleasantly sweet and very minty, there is of course herbaceous notes of basil and fennel, and a tiny note of earthy roots, but mostly there is sweet mint. The liquid is only moderately minty, instead the green and herbaceous notes of holy basil really shine, they are slightly pepper and a touch savory. It blends well with the sweet notes of fennel and mild mint.

You know, I was surprised, it turned out to be more savory than sweet, usually teas with fennel tend to be pretty sweet, but not this one. It starts out with a powerful burst of herbaceous and slightly peppery Holy Basil, there is also a tiny hint of lettuce, Holy Basil is a complex smelling plant. After the initial savory burst it switches over to cooling minty sweetness which lingers only in cooling sensation before the Holy Basil takes back over, with a slightly earthy note from the burdock. This tea is very refreshing, the taste reminds me more of a healing broth to drink when you have a rebellious stomach rather than a tea, and I am totally ok with that!

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