Saturday, July 25, 2015

Minecraft Console Edition: Greek Mashup Pack, A Geekery Showcase

I feel like absolute garbage, so it came as a boon today when I saw that the long awaited Greek Mashup Pack has been released for console. I have been wanting a Greek (and ancient China too) themed texture pack and they did not disappoint!
OMG it is Olympus!
Whoever came up with this, designed the textures and the Greek World REALLY loves Greek mythology and knows their stuff. So many references to the myths I have devoted a large chunk of my life studying that I just can't handle myself.
Arachne was totally a better weaver, just sayin'

Arachne spiders, a Cerberus Wither, Zombie Satyrs (really like killing them) Agamemnon's Death Mask pumpkins, golden fleece sheep, Hippokampoi and Griffin horses, and of course loads of Spartoi are just the tip of the iceberg.
Most adorable Minotaur
Cerberus looking fierce! 
Going into the world built to show this beauty off you find Atlantis, Rhodes, Troy, Athens, Olympus...I honestly almost cried because my obsession for Greek mythology and history goes deep.
A golden birch tree is actually a dryad
Greek art is win
My only problem is the same problem I have with any texture pack that is not just a slight alter of the original, sometimes the way my main creative world looks with said texture pack is awful. My beautifully carpeted river house looks like a giant eyesore because the wools are very stylized. So that means I need a special Greece only build world and found the perfect Archipelago to work with!
death to Satyrs!!

And now, I am going back to playing Minecraft, your regularly scheduled tea rambling will return tomorrow I know, fingers crossed that I feel better!
Poseidon would be proud

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