Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tea, Geekery, and Moving

First off, Tea! I am not writing about tea today, well I kinda am, but not about any specific tea. Consider this a substitute for tomorrow's Tea (insert gear, book, event) post which will probably just be a standard ol' tea post. So, I was presented with a magazine Fish found at the store (totally random find at Aldi's) that had an article about Shang Tea which you can conveniently read on their website. I found it an awesome read and totally advise reading about Kansas City's most awesome of tea shops. Also in the subject of tea, I have been using all the excess Matcha from the various Matcha Showdowns to create tasty Matcha treats, including working on a recipe for Matcha Cream Soda (still tweaking that one) and Matcha Adzuki Bean popsicles. On a final tea note, I have been working on my drip photography, catching the tea midpour, it is hard with a dying camera but I have been getting some good shots. 

Now, Geekery! It is EVO weekend!!! The Fighting Game Community's biggest tournament of the year, think of it as the Superbowl or World Series but for Fighting Games. It has become a tradition to watch it while gorging on junk food, and in about 20 minutes I am going to do just that. I have also been working on an epic sky castle in Minecraft!

The spending a ton of time doing Minecraft is also kinda therapeutic for me, sometime in the next week, not sure on an exact date yet, I am moving! Just somewhere local, and it will be awesome, just moving is very stressful and I am exhausted from doing all the prepwork for it. So, what this amounts to is, if posts are a little sparse this upcoming week that is why. Try not to miss me too much!

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  1. Moves are always a hustle. Did a couple in a short length of time, so I'm glad I've got a solid place for at least the next ten years or so.