Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tea Leaf Co: Best Zest, A Tea Review

Hair dye can be very very messy, I had forgotten that little fact. I have become very proficient in dying my hair blue and not making a giant mess, heck I barely ever need to clean the sink after I am done. I must be off tonight (well duh, I am still a bit tired after a 37 hour bought of insomnia, but whatever, hair dye!) because I got it EVERYWHERE. I dropped the bottle and kept spilling it, which sucked! I ended up having to bleach the sink and floor, and scrub my skin...which is double suck because the dye I use has aloe and I have to be REALLY careful not to get it on my skin. Hmph. So I sit and let my dye set, a perfect time to blog!

Today I am looking at Best Zest from Tea Leaf Co, I knew from the moment I opened the bag and sniffed the tea...this is a tea that needs cold steeping. A blend of Lemongrass, Ginger, and Tulsi, it smells so refreshing, and with it being so hot lately (I miss my cool rainy weather) I wanted that refreshing citrus cold...preferably in a dainty crystal glass. The aroma is super awesome, strong herbal and green notes of Tulsi, it is like basil but not, it has that slightly green and sharp notes of basil without the actual basil smell. Also sweet and green notes of lemongrass (so weird that I love that stuff now) and a hint of ginger heat and spice. It smells like a summer day to me!

I want you all to know that Tao is vigorously pawing at the window, it is her way of telling me she wants it open, but Tao is unaware that it is still really hot out and I am not losing any of my precious AC. So, I am sure this tea would be fantastic hot, but I clearly made the best choice ever, because when it is hot sometimes you really just want a cool thing to sip before bed, and a cold steeped herbal is awesome. The Tulsi notes are what come in the strongest with this slightly peppery herbal greenness, with just that hint of basiliness (new word, yay!) and a tiny bit of anise like taste. This moves on to a very refreshing burst of lemongrass which is like a sweet blend of lemon and a touch of hay, just think mild lemonade with a grassy sweetness. Lastly is the ginger which adds an internal warmth to the back of the throat and stomach and prevented my stomach from having a freakout like it does sometimes with cold stuff, so yay for the powers of warming chi! I am going to have to get a LOT more of this tea, it is great as a last cup on a sweltering night, flavorful while being mild, cooling while also being warming.

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